This is hot and spicy! It appears that the failure of PDP to secure the governorship position of Lagos State was pre-planned, even before the elections started. Exclusive information available to WakeUpAfrica360.com has alleged that Jimi Agbaje, the governorship candidate of the PDP in Lagos State, sold out his mandate to the APC.

This followed the sore loss of the PDP in the governorship elections last Saturday, 9th March 2019. There has been lots of bitterness in the PDP camp, following the loss as some key members alleged that some members betrayed them.

When WakeUpAfrica probed further, an eyewitness who spoke under anonymity alleged that Agbaje sold out his mandate to the APC, as he was seen on Monday evening, emerging from the house of a former APC governor in the South-West, with 3 Ghana-Must-Go bags supposedly filled with money.

Our source claimed that unfortunately for Agbaje, a lot of PDP members live in that ward, they were called by the security of the former governor, they now monitored and saw him and called our source to tell him what happened.

Our source said “most times, the governor’s policemen and aides would on occasion of campaign share logistics and souvenirs, which they would tell our members to partake in what they are sharing. Countless times, our people have rejected the offers, and the temptation of being seen taken things from APC. So, it happened yesterday, when Jimi drove into the home of the governor”.

According to him he collected three heavy bags “they draw the attention of our members, ‘come see your candidates’. My people put a call to me saying ‘our candidate is being settled here’, but unfortunately, I was not around”.

According to our source, the ward where Agbaje was settled has about former 12 South-West governors, living within that ward.

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