Valtteri Bottas Wins Australian Grand Prix

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas, dominated the season opening Grand Prix in Australia, as he overtook his team mate and the raining world champ Lewis Hamilton

Bottas took the lead from the start, as Lewis Hamilton on pole made a rather slow start. He also snatched the new bonus point for the fastest lap of the race.

Hamilton was left 22 seconds behind his team mate and had to defend against Redbull driver Max Vesterppan, in the fight for second position.

Verstappan over took Sebastian Vettel to take the third place, on a day that Ferrari failed to perform.

At one point the Ferrari drive asked ” why are we so slow?” “We don’t know at the moment,” replied his team. This exchange between the Ferrari driver and his team, summed up the nature of the team Ferrari’s performance of the whole weekend.

Meanwhile, F1 lost one of its directors that was scheduled to officiate this weekend’s race. Charlie is one of the most influential people in the F1 sport.

Charlie whiting was 66, he has been the official race starter and oversaw most rule matters in the sport.

Valtteri Bottas dedication of his win, sums up how much he will be missed ” Thank you Charlie this win is for Charlie and all his work in f1. He has done massive amounts, so thanks from all of us drivers”

Next edition baharain in two weeks

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