Trade Fair, An International Market In Lagos State “Shut Down!

Post 2019 presidential and gubernatorial elections events unfolding in Lagos state.

It appeared that the shutdown of Trade-Fair International Market, yesterday was allegedly as a consequence of Igbo’s in Lagos not voting for APC government according to our sources in the market.

Trade fair is an international exhibition centre in Lagos. Igbo traders were giving permission in the early 1990’s to relocate from Lagos island then redundant international trade fair complex. The traders had to pay so much to develop the said location and to own a shop

In fact chief Odumegwu ojukwu ( Ikemba Nnewi), was invited to commission the complex in the 90’s. His comment during the opening ceremony was a subject of debate for a long time after the opening ceremony.

It appeared that Ikemba Nnewi, was alleged to have referred to the traders as Ewu (goat) as he stood up to speak, implying that for the traders to have invested that much out of their region was stupidity of the highest order! However, for this ugly situation to have started post election that was full of ethnic drama in Lagos may not end well.

Information reaching WakeUpAfrica360 from our sources in Nigeria confirmed that the Trade Fair Market Complex was on lock down for hours yesterday, following instructions from either the state government or the IYA Oloja in Lagos State. At the time this report was filed in, wakeUpAfrica360 was still trying to confirm the particular authority that was responsible for the lock down.

Due to the sudden nature of the lockdown without any prior warning the shop owners were quick to point fingers to the APC chieftain in Lagos state to be responsible. But wakeupafrica360 was not able to substantiate such claim.

Most of the traders maintained that it is because of their support for PDP against the ruling party in the state, that have lead to this action.

If this allegation is substantiated and this allegation is established to be truth, then Nigeria’s democracy, freedom of choice and expression would have suffered a huge set back. More so, the fragile unity of Nigeria as a country of many nations would have been compromised.

One can only hope that the current trend does not continue, so that Africa’s most populous country does not descend to anarchy.

Let us know what you think about this incident, what do you think could have brought about the lockdown of this popular business complex? Leave your comments below

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