How to repeat clothes, fashionably

In times when people are focused more on investing and strong financial decisions it’s getting harder for the average person to have a very big wardrobe. It’s very important to look good but at what expense? Luckily there are very creative ways to wear the same outfit several times and look very fresh and unique each time. Below are top 3 ways to do this and have a completely flawless finish.

If you don’t have a decent range of interesting looking accessories you need to do that now.
Costume jewelry, bag and belts can jazz up a dress so well that it will look completely different! Your accessories can make a work or office dress look fashionable enough for a night out with friends. Luckily accessories are affordable so you can have a lot of them.

Throw on a blazers or shawls

Nothing says corporate or formal like a blazer. Everyone needs a good well fitted blazer in a dark colour, preferably black. Repeating an outfit with a blazer makes it almost unrecognizable because of the structure a blazer gives to a look. Wearing a shirt with trousers and throwing a blazer on the same clothes look very different. For women shawls are just as fun. Shawls add layers and texture to clothes. They can also tone down a very wild and revealing outfit to be worn to a more conversative place or event.

Alter the style

If a piece of clothing is going out of style one thing you can do is alter the style of the clothing. You can also do this to give a fresh look to your clothing. Maxi dresses no longer in style? Then it’s time to cut it short! It’s interesting how differences in length, colour and silhouette can totally freshen up a look. In doing this too you can make the garment feel more comfortable for you since you have full control now.

In a nutshell these are some awesome tips to help you re-rock the same clothes over and over again and still look fashionable and trendy!


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