Bravo! Mobile Phones May Be Used To Conduct The Next Nigerian Election, Says AMCODET

The Association of Communication Device Technicians of Nigeria (AMCODET), has disclosed that the group is working and analyzing the possibility of using mobile phones to conduct elections, using recharge cards in the country. This will be a welcome news for Nigerians.

The National President of the association, Mr Apara Ige, disclosed this in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja. Ige regretted that there were cases of violence and tension in some states in the just concluded general elections in the country, which made polls in those areas to be declared inconclusive.

He also highlighted the huge capital expenditure each general election causes the Nigerian government. According to him, Information Communication Technology (ICT), especially the mobile phone, can be used to conduct relatively fair elections.

 “Government administration is the responsibility of everyone, if you are not part of the administration, there is no way you can be part of policy making. AMCODET Nigeria, is trying to call government’s attention to the ICT sector because opportunities abound in ICT. The association came up with a solution, the Nigerian Automated Voting Machine and Voters Electronic Recharge Card Solution Management. We are looking at ways to use mobile phones to conduct elections by using recharge cards. Once you recharge your phone or go to the Automated Voting Machine, you can vote for any candidate of your choice. We are still working on the programme, we have eight of our members who travelled to the U.S., Japan and India, to conduct further research on the initiatives. We are still lobbying the government to see reasons to support this solution so that in 2023, we will not go to queue and experience political thuggery.’’

According to him, the association made presentations on the solutions to the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), the Senate President and the Chairman, Committee on Electoral Reforms.

“We think it is our responsibility and an opportunity for us as a body to sell ICT potential to government.” He explained that as technicians, members of the association know the importance of mobile phones more than the users. “There are some features on mobile phones that are not being tapped into, people majorly use the mobile phone to socialise, but the gadget can do many more beyond that.”

He stressed that there need be a political will from the government and for it to be at the front burner to institute effective system.

Source NAN

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