Fun Wristwatches To Buy

Wristwatches have been a fashion accessory for many years. They are one of the few fashion accessories besides being nice for your wardrobe, serves another purpose which is telling you the time. Watches come in many sizes, shapes and colors. There are men’s watches, women’s watches and even some specifically designed for children. Different trends come and go, but below are three of the coolest trends and ever green brand

Wooden wristwatch

Have you ever come across anything as cool and unique as a wooden watch? You will love this statement maker and certainly get lots of compliments wearing it. Made in different shapes and designs, the main material used is usually wood. Some come with metal or leather straps, and others come completely made of wood. If you like to stand out and enjoy unique pieces this is the watch for you.

Transparent wristwatch

All mechanical watches have little engines within them that makes the watch work. Imagine a watch that shows this engine working in real time. Super cool right? This trend of watches is of different types. The skeleton watch that is usually made of metal with a leather or metallic strap, and the see-through plastic watch that shows everything inside the watch. Most men opt for the skeleton watches, while the plastic see through watches are more popular with women.

Fitness watch

Fitness watches have become so trendy that even with their plastic, lightweight look they still work well with different items of clothing. They are very popular these days, and are worn by everyone and not only fitness enthusiasts. The cool thing about these watches is that they give you information about your health, like your heart rate, number of steps you have taken a day etc. That’s just amazing stuff. With all these cool watches to choose from which will you go for?

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