NDLEA Set To Try Sanwo-Olu’s Aide, Funke Phillips Over Drug Related Case

Ms Olufunke Phillips, a social and political commentator, could be in trouble within the coming days, as she has been alleged to be a fugitive, who was charged for cocaine possession. Phillips was the digital supervisor of Lagos State Governor-elect, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, but she has been laid off from her job pending the outcome of the investigations against her.

Ms Phillips was lately discovered by a Nigerian journalist, Ruona Meyer, who blew the news about her. The discovery eventually attracted the attention of the Nationwide Chief of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who ordered Sanwoolu to disband his marketing campaign group instantly.

It was gathered that the scandal was an impolite shock to the leaders of the APC, and they’ve warned the incoming governor that such thing should not be discovered round him after his swearing in, on May 29, 2019.

Ms Phillips (full title: Philip Esther Olufunke) was allegedly charged by the Nationwide Drug Legislation Enforcement Company (NDLEA), with unlawful possession of three.14 kilogrammes of cocaine in 2007.

It was alleged that she was arraigned earlier then at the Justice P.I Ajoku of the Lagos Division of the Federal Excessive Courtroom, in 2007, however she, alongside 25 others absconded after being granted bail by the judge.

The case appeared to have been forgotten till she publicly fell out with Ms Meyer, who holds a twin Nigerian-German citizenship, Ms Meyer is now accusing Ms Phillips of mental property theft.

In line with Ms Meyer, the 2 former associates had teamed up to set up ‘The Beverage Area,’ an internet site that focuses on alcohol consumption, in the past.

She mentioned she introduced Ms. Phillips on board because she wanted a face for the brand, since she wasn’t based mostly in Nigeria on the time, including that she solely funded the challenge.

Ms Meyer, nevertheless, mentioned she pulled the plug on the enterprise after her background checks revealed her companion as a fugitive. However, years later, Ms Phillips started her personal web site which she renamed ‘The Beverage Room’, based mostly on the identical concepts.

The website is at the moment, being run by Ms Phillips and has a big following on social media. The group boasts over 82,000 followers on Fb alone.

In an Fb publish, Ms Meyer stated that she was making a public disclaimer to totally disassociate herself from any dealings she had with Ms Phillips in 2015, and 2016.

“I terminated our enterprise dealings in 2016, after I came upon @FunkePhillips is going through cocaine smuggling fees (with a 2009 courtroom case); and on 4th July 2011, @ndleanigeria listed her as skipping bail,”

Ms Meyer, an ex- BBC Pidgin journalist, additionally challenged her erstwhile enterprise companion to take down the website or face legal actions against them. Ms Meyer additionally shared receipts of her funds for emblem design, website internet hosting. She additionally expressed her disapproval of Ms Phillips’s continued claims to be the proprietor of the enterprise.

She defined, “I dealt with the weblog, edited written copy, tapped my contacts in Company Communications, PR & media usually, to spice up our networks. Funke Phillips had no cash, so I dealt with virtually all prices…together with area internet hosting, calls to contacts, sending proposals for sponsored occasions planning hangouts, producing content material concepts and even doing interviews from Germany with my Nigerian contacts.

“We were about to sign partnerships, when my supervisor in Germany jogged my memory to do a personality test on Funke Phillips. I remembered I’d heard some absurd rumours and went on-line to test.

“The report acknowledged that Funke and different alleged drug barons, have been on the run , the story was corroborated by then @ndlea_nigeria spokesperson Mitchell Ofoyeju (@mitchelljnr) cc @dg_ndlea.”

Ms Meyer additionally shared Ms Phillip’s case file quantity and photograph on FB. Ms Meyer defined the rationale why she wanted to publicly dissociate herself from her one-time enterprise companion.

“So I’m not asking for cash, or care what Nigeria does to her or not. In spite of everything, she has skipped bail for years and isn’t precisely hiding.

I’m held to the next commonplace, personally, family-wise, and as a citizen of Germany. I’d be a pariah, unworthy of any semblance of public life, if I have been ever related to a drug-smuggling person, who additionally skipped bail. So, I’ve to deny it. Publicly too.”

Ms Phillips, who speaks regularly on social platforms on Fb, has not said a word about the accusations. Efforts to reach her have been unsuccessful.

I’m making this PUBLIC disclaimer to FULLY dissociate myself from any enterprise dealings I had with Olufunke Phillips in 2015/2016, which I terminated in 2016, after I came upon @FunkePhillips is going through COCAINE smuggling fees (with a 2009 courtroom case); and on 4th July 2011, @ndlea_nigeria listed her as skipping bail. In 2015, I originated and conceptualised a weblog and occasion portal on the enterprise of ingesting, from a feminine perspective. I wanted a face for it, as I used to be not based mostly in Nigeria. That is the place Funke Phillips got here in. I later referred to as it The Beverage Area.

I arranged all electronic mail, Twitter, Instagram, Fb accounts, paid a designer to make a emblem (seen right here for August 2015 – mail of her selecting emblem), everything. All Funke Phillips needed to do was go to occasions/bars, ship in little notes, writings.

I dealt with the weblog, edited written copy, tapped my contacts in Company Communications, PR & media usually, to spice up our networks. Funke Phillips had no cash, so I dealt with virtually all prices…together with area internet hosting, calls to contacts, sending proposals for sponsored occasions planning hangouts, producing content material concepts and even doing interviews from Germany with my Nigerian contacts.

We began to make progress within a short time; I flew into Nigeria, organized conferences with my contacts, I cannot point out them right here, as they’re non-public folks and I might have their non-public testimony for courtroom.

However, every time I informed them I’d be working underground, as I used to be based mostly exterior, engaged on my day job anyway, and so Funke Phillips can be TBS’ face. She attended some conferences and was conscious.

I found Funke Phillips was arrested in a Lagos airport with 3.14kgs of cocaine, and skipped bail, prompting then @ndlea_nigeria chairman Ahmadu, to record her amongst needed “drug barons” in July 2011.

The report states that the knowledge that Funke Phillips and different drug barons have been on the unfastened was corroborated by then @ndlea_nigeria spokesperson Mitchell Ofoyeju (@mitchelljnr) cc @dg_ndlea

I subsequent used my contacts within the courts and prisons to legally crosscheck this info, and offered the state of affairs to @FunkePhillips, asking her to clarify.

In non-public chats I’ll reserve for the courtroom, Funke Phillips mentioned she “went via quite a bit to settle the case.” I replied that then means the case may very well be settled was if she was ACQUITTED, or SERVED TIME, however not so, in accordance with @ndlea_nigeria

In feedback are screenshots that present that weeks after @ndlea_nigeria called her as a “drug baron” on the lam, Funke Phillips was on-line, on social media.

I, due to this fact, requested Funke Phillips for her paperwork of acquittal. She responded that this was the work of her enemies. With such solutions, I informed her I may NEVER work together with her on any foundation; we wanted to sever all ties instantly.

Particularly, I informed Funke Phillips I’d repay those I had contracted to work for us, deal with all of the payments, take down everything to do with TBS– I needed NOTHING extra to do with a fugitive…even when Nigeria is mediocre enough to permit people like Funke Phillips with a pending drug case stroll the streets freely. This absurdity was not going to be my norm.

I informed Funke Phillips that in truth, I didn’t care what occurred in Nigeria. I cared about my profession and life in Europe, the place even the whiff of an affiliation with criminality is simply as dangerous as criminality.

Subsequently, over subsequent communications, significantly via mutual associates, I requested her to ensure she by no means referred to me as somebody she labored with, by no means referred to or made similarities to TBS…to make sure she by no means used any comparable thought or contacts made, so that individuals wouldn’t subconsciously affiliate me together with her, as we had gone far. Funke Phillips agreed. I added she was a fraud and should do proper by the regulation.

HOWEVER, I thereafter had main surgical procedure, job strikes, and JUST found that in truth, shortly after this, Funke Phillips arrange THE BEVERAGE ROOM (TBR), utilizing many concepts, & in some situations, even similar contacts.

Worse nonetheless, once I raised the problem 72 hours in the past, contacts have since come to inform me they thought I used to be nonetheless a silent companion at TBR, and that’s the reason they joined on-line teams, purchased T-shirts, etc.

To be clear: I publicly (by way of social media) tagged Funke Phillips, asking her to tug down TBR, as a result of it’s a rip-off of TBS, and she is aware of why she has to: Mental property theft, and the matter of GROSS criminality.

Reasonably, Funke Phillips and her “affiliate” have since mentioned I’m doing it as a result of I’m “jealous”, and I wish to pull her down, because I heard she is an aide to Lagos State governor-elect Jide Sanwoolu. FOR THE RECORD: I ALSO JUST HEARD ABOUT THIS LESS THAN 72 HOURS AGO.

So, Funke Phillips, to reiterate what I informed you Three years in the past: I DO NOT CARE what Nigeria does to you, or whether or not this nation ignores your criminality and rewards you – in spite of everything, you’ll not be the primary fugitive to pop up in authorities circles in Nigeria.

As a result of in contrast to you, I function underneath a far completely different code of integrity and ethics – filial-wise, professionally, and by advantage of being a German citizen.

Primarily based on my dealings in Germany, I can’t be seen to have ever had any associations with somebody linked to medicine, much more with somebody such as you, Funke Phillips, cited as skipping bail and being a fugitive.

THIS is the rationale for this public disclaimer, Funke Phillips. This isn’t about cash, so, once I head to courtroom to pressure a pull-down of TBR, I’m extra involved about DISSOCIATION and mental property theft.

As a result of Funke Phillips you merely can’t afford what I’d time period requisite compensation for my mental property. Even should you may, I’d by no means prioritise accumulating cash from a fraudulent character such as you.

Just because once more, I function underneath a distinct set of non-public and locational ideas. On that observe, Funke Phillips must you nonetheless refuse to do the needful, and pull down TBR, I’ll see you in courtroom. Please, attempt to show up this time.

However, a brief bio on thebeverageroom.co claimed Phillips launched The Beverage Room, which Meyer mentioned was based mostly on her authentic concepts, in 2015 to “chronicle her love for Espresso, Wine and Spirits. She began an Instagram, Fb web page and a weblog sharing ideas, methods, findings and different issues.”

Olusesan Daini, who headed Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s media group, through the marketing campaign mentioned Phillips was diligent when she labored with him, and that he was shocked to listen to Meyer’s allegations.

When requested if he recruited her for the marketing campaign, Daini mentioned she was contracted to seek the advice of “for the aim of election”.

He absolved the marketing campaign group of any blame regarding Phillips. He insisted that the marketing campaign group expected its consultants to rent workers with credible backgrounds to work with them. An anonymous staff sin All Progressives Congress’s media circle stated that Meyer’s allegations was aimed to dent Phillips image. 

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