The Drama Preceding The 2019 Presidential Elections In Nigeria! Part 1

Wakeupafrica360, will be looking into events leading to the elections, during the election and post-election incidents!

In these three-part series, we will explore all that happened, piece them together for our audience to make up their minds, as to what exactly happened in the Nigerian elections.

The 2019 elections has set a precedent that is arguably a very bad one, which may not be good for the future direction of democracy in Africa’s most populous country.

The drama started just a few weeks before the election date, when the CJN was suspended, following an alleged non-asset declaration! This came as a shock to many Nigerians and immediately questions were being asked, as to why now that the election is fast approaching, others questioned the real motives and the timing of both the allegations and subsequently, the CJN’s suspension.

Some experts of Law in the country had gone on national television, to describe the action and the process as unlawful and an assault on the judiciary. While most legal practitioners agreed that no one is above the law, however, they also argued that the action and the process of his suspension was illegal and unconstitutional.

Furthermore, in another twist, some Nigerians also argued that the CJN suspension was politically motivated. They argued that suspending the CJN just weeks before the presidential election, is probably because “APC had the intention to rig the elections and wanted to plant a CJN of their choice that would give them judgement in case of any litigation brought against them by any opposition party. Most Nigerians sighted foul play regarding the CJN suspension. “Citing intention to rig elections!”

The suspended CJN may not have been loyal to the government, and as such may not compromise to be on their side in case of election petitions. The suspension of the CJN raised more questions than answers. Allegedly, the President stated that he was not aware of the CJN’s saga, and that is not the first time the Nigerian President is taking that position of not being aware of issues of such magnitude. The President took the same position in the case of IG of Police and Abdul Rasheed Maina, who continued to receive salaries even after his appointment was terminated! He was also secretly called back to office while still facing serious charges of fraud, as the pension boss. But we don’t want to be derailed, so let’s stay on the drama preceding the 2019 elections, because the drama is still unfolding, and we promise to keep you informed with our undiluted perspective

The drama continues and is not switching off, we are here to bring you the next chapter.

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to be continued………


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