The Aftermath Of Nigeria’s 2019 Presidential Elections!Part 1

The good the bad and the ugly of elections in Africa’s largest “Democracy”

The just concluded presidential elections in Nigeria, appear to have opened a new dimension of desperation in the country’s politics and quest for sustainable democracy!

The use of the military to intimidate opposition supporters. The intentional exclusion of specific ethnic diversities, using diverse methods to frustrate and intimidate them. The deliberate attempt to hinder them from casting their votes, preventing them from having a say in the process of electing a president in their country, to name but a few was all encapsulated in the said process.

These trends may bring Nigeria’s democracy to its knees, if the said pattern is sustained. The act of intentionally excluding a people and preventing them from participating in elections, and exercising their civic rights, in whatever capacity is dangerous. Especially, when it has to do with choosing the country’s president and who governs them!

Let’s take a punch into this trend: During the February 23, 2019 election in Nigeria. It happened that complains were reported on live tv, suggesting that in some parts of northern Nigeria, non indigenes were faced with several challenges, one of which meant that they were not able to cast their votes. In some instances, their names were removed from the polling units, meaning that, though the card reader could prove their PVC’s as registered at the polling unit, their names were removed from the list pasted at the unit by INEC, meaning that they were unable to vote.

Similar situations were also reported in Lagos State, where Polling units, in areas with a large concentration of Igbo’s and non indigenes were also invaded by hoodlums, and ballot boxes were either burned or carried away. These all happened while the law enforcement agencies looked the other way! In some areas their names were not seen on the INEC list in their polling units.

It appeared that in Lagos, the ruling party did all that it can to exclude some people from casting their votes. The people that spoke to wakeupafrica360 in Lagos State, alleged that because the Igbo’s are traditionally PDP supporters and PDP is the major opposition to the incumbent, hence the desperate efforts to stop them from voting

Our source also suggested that the Igbos were the only tribe in the country, with such voting influence outside of their states of origin, across the country. So, the said disruption of their areas was to prevent them from casting their votes. Also, in SE and SS namely, Imo State and Rivers State respectively, WakeUpAfrica360 gathered that men in military uniforms aided ballot box snatching and prevented others from voting.

This allegation is still a subject of an ongoing investigation as the Nigeria army. The army is investigating itself of any corrupt practices during the elections.

The ruling party APC is being accused of using the law enforcement agencies and the military, to intimidate the opposition supporters from casting their votes. From deliberately omitting their names from their polling units, to using thugs to snatch the ballot boxes in broad day light and in some cases, the ballot boxes were set on fire with the police looking on and seemed helpless.

According to WakeUpAfrica360 sources, there were enough documented evidences of a well thought out and well executed plan to frustrate the opposition and their supporters. And APC, made sure that they used the power of the incumbent

This is just the beginning of what is to unfold of the Nigeria’s presidential election, stay with WakeUpAfrica360, as we follow the trends as it continues to unfold

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