Update On The Trade Fair Complex Saga!

“Why we had to shut down Trade Fair Complex”

Wakeupafrica360 have made some more efforts to get to the real reasons that lead to the luck down of Lagos Trade Fair Complex was shut down. It was alleged at the time, that the Lagos State government was involved in the shutdown of the said complex.

It is easy to understand these suspicions in the aftermath of elections in Lagos State and around the country. Especially, the issues encountered by none indigenes in the state, which majorly affected the Igbo’s in Lagos, because they are traditional supporters of PDP, which is the strong opposition party in the state.

It was possible for the issue to be misconstrued, in view of the manner with which the Igbo’s were targeted during the just concluded elections in the state. Areas dominated by Igbo’s in the state were invaded by hoodlums, snatching ballot boxes, while in other situations already cast ballots were set ablaze. So, the closure of the trade fair complex was quickly associated with the events of the elections, and it was easy for fingers to be pointed at the ruling party in the state as a continuation of the alleged intimidation of those that are seen not to be in support of the ruling party.

But further investigation by wakeupafrica360 has unveiled the truth about what happened. We have it by the words of the president of BBA (BALOGUN BUSINESS ASSOCIATION) MR TONY OBI (OBIEKUNIE) that they themselves took the initiative to lock the complex for a few hours, to express their displeasure regarding the threats of concessions by the Federal Government and its handling the agreement between the BBA and the Federal Government.

He further explained that the Trade Fair complex is not state owned. It is a federal government matter and the lease they have is with the federal government. So contrary to popular believe that Lagos State government was responsible for the lock down of the complex was not true. The state government does not have the legal right to do so. Besides, he explained that the BBA has a 50 years lease with the federal government, with a clause to extend it for a further 49 years.

Wakeupafrica360 was also informed of an ongoing litigation between the association and the Federal government of Nigeria, within which the Association is demanding the Federal government to define its concession plans.  This is an ongoing situation and wakeupafrica360.com will continue to update our subscribers on any latest development. 


Jonathan jones Okpara (General Secretary BBA)    

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