Yoruba’s Respond To Ooni’s Comment, About The Igbo Race!

Why is Ooni’s comment upsetting many Yoruba’s

The truth is bitter, as the saying goes, and those that tell it, equally, do not make many friends too. But people of integrity and indepth understanding, tell it anyway, and damn the consequences. In this case, a well-respected traditional ruler of one of the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria, made an insertion about another major tribe, during a YORUBA FESTIVAL NAMED, AJE FESTIVAL. But in this case, it appeared that his comments had praised the Igbo tribe of their mastery of wealth creation and dominance in commerce.

These appear to have upset many people, since it emerged on social media platforms. Furthermore, there has been a very strong reactions from many Yoruba’s, both at home and in diaspora. Most, condemning the Ooni of IFE, for his comments, that appeare to have praised the Igbo race. Twitter handles of Nigerians that are from the southwest region have been buzzing and mostly condemning the Oba for his comments. Some people that are not of Yoruba ethnicity, have also responded with disgust at those criticising the Oba, for his honest opinion that every one already knows, except for people that may choose to live in denial!

One may wonder, how this comment, is generating so much hateful and negative responses towards the Oba! well, your guess is as good as mine.

This goes down to show, the level of hatred, that both tribes have for one another. For no justifiable reasons other than that the Igbo’s are one tribe that are progressive in nature and they are not quiet about it. To the Yoruba’s that feel very bad about the Obas comment, it would appear that the Oba by his comments has approved that the Igbo’s are more industrious than them, which has always been the case, but never has it been approved or celebrated as a strenght in the country. Some have argued, that the only reason the Igbo’s are hated so much is simply because of their God-given ability to create wealth where ever they go, regardless of how little they may have started with.

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