South African Citizens Issue Final Vacation Notice To All Foreigners, To Leave Their Country Or Die

It appears the xenophobia in South Africa, which happened recently, will still reoccur again. And if that is the case, Nigerians and other foreigners in South Africa need to brace themselves for more crisis ahead. As some South African citizens have written an open letter to all foreigners to leave their country.

The letter, stated that after their elections on May 8, they would unleash mayhem on the next Monday 13, by closing the roads, stopping all taxis and killing all foreigners.

The letter states that what happened in KZN, would be child’s play compared to what they would do to foreigners after May 8.

The letter which serves as a final warning to foreigners to quit their lands, also states that the citizens have decided to take laws into their own hands, because the government has refused their requests of sending all foreigners away from their lands.

The letter ends with “We don’t want any Kwerekweres anymore, enough is enough”.

This latest threat letter has put all foreigners in South Africa in panic, as they are not sure of what would happen to their families and businesses after May 8.

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