Breaking News: CCT Finds CJN Onoghen Guilty

The celebrated legal battle involving the former Attorney General of Nigeria, Justice Walter Onoghen has come to an end.

As the CCT, the body which insisted that Onoghen was guilty of fraudulently hiding some of his assets, during his swearing in ceremony, has found him guilty as charged.

The CCT after delivering judgement has asked the FG to sack him. They also banned Onoghen from holding public office for 10 years. And went ahead to seize his assets.

However, some journalists through their platforms has called the CCT judgement against Onoghen as ‘jankara judgement’, saying that the FG needed to find Onoghen guilty through the CCT, in order to save its face and prove that Onoghen’s trial was not politically motivated. will bring you more of the story.

What do you think of Onoghen’s trial? Do you think he is guilty as charged?

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