Hilarious! Ooni Of Ife Claims Tower Of Babel Is In Ile Ife

Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, seem set to keep making embarrassing controversial statements. Just as people are yet to recover from his recent claims that ‘Ifa’ is Google, the Ooni has made a more baffling statement.

This time, the Ooni has claimed that the Biblical Tower of Babel is located in Ile Ife.

He said this in an interview, “We have Oke Ileri, where God actually scattered everybody’s language. That is the story of the tower of Babel. If you are looking for where the Tower of Babel is, it is here in Ife. They are very mystical sites. A lot of people don’t believe it, but that is the truth”.

This contradicts every known historical fact about the location of the Tower of Babel, whose location is said to be synonymous with Babylon, a city in modern day Iraq founded on the banks of the Euphrates River, in the late 3rd Millennia BC.

As told in Genesis 11:1–9, Tower of Babel is an origin myth, meant to explain why the world’s peoples speak different languages.

According to the story, a united humanity spoke a single language after the Great Flood, and while migrating eastward, came to the land of Shinar.

For the Ooni to now make the bold claim that the Tower of Babel is in Ile Ife, is highly shocking and embarrassing.

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