Nigeria Under Buhari’s Lead APC, Has Nose Dived!

What goes around comes around as the saying goes!!

What is happening in Nigeria today is shameful, the ethnic divide, the level of hate and divisions among diverse ethnic groups is out of this world. When the goings favours the ethnic group you are part of, you don’t care about the sufferings of those that are least favoured by the government of the day.

Some Nigerians have complained that since 2015, they have been abandoned by the government, despite the marginalisation of the same people since after the civil war in Nigeria, which ended in 1970.

Others have also complained that despite being the oil producing epicentre of the country, they have been deprived of the necessary infrastructural development that they deserve.

But Nigerians have gradually developed along the line of the favoured and the unflavoured. However, this act is detrimental to the future of the country, and one that must be addressed if Nigeria and indeed other African countries experiencing the same, must move their country’s forward.

In the video below is a Nigerian, a supporter of the current government denounced her support for the government because she feels abandoned. Reading through the comments on the post showed the enormity of divisions and hatred the citizens have for each other in the country. It is very sad to say the least.

Africans must learn to be our brothers’ keeper. The mindset some people show towards the sufferings of their fellow citizens in Nigeria, is very shameful. “Let them die, I am not from their tribe. What the hell are you people doing together in one country if you hate each other with such passion?

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