Bread Seller Turned Super Star, ‘Jumoke Oniburedi’ Finally Dumps Her Hubby! Saying “He Talks Too Much”

So the news started filtering in that ‘bread seller’ turned super model, Jumoke Orisaguna has left her husband of many years.

WakeUpAfrica can finally confirm that Jumoke has indeed left her husband and father of two kids, Mr Sunday Orisaguna.

Jumoke who hawked bread on the streets of Lagos, before luck smiled on her through a coincidental picture appearance during TY Bello’s photoshoot with Tinnie Tempah. Has turned into a successful model, and has been making money through several brand endorsements, appearance fees and talk shows.

Jumoke has changed her surname on social media from Orisaguna to Chris.
According to sources, the reason for the breakup is because Jumoke ‘Oniburedi’, as she is popularly known became uncomfortable with the way her husband ‘speaks ill’ of her to the media.

Jumoke’s husband once said in an interview that life had been incredibly tough for him since Jumoke’s sudden fame, and that he is unable to get help from his friends, as they assume that he has also become rich, due to Jumoke’s success, meanwhile that was far from the truth.

The international acclaim, which Jumoke’s story has gotten has inspired many young ladies in her previous situation. But it seems all was not well at Jumoke’s home front, as she believed her husband’s behaviour was negatively affecting her social status, and source of livelihood.

Being that Jumoke and Sunday are merely live-in-lovers, as they were awaiting her parents assent before they formalized their union, it was therefore easy for Jumoke to severe the relationship.

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