Rotimi Amaechi Vs Nyesom Wike, Peace Process Truncated Again

Soon after the 2019 governorship election results were declared, and Governor Nyesom Wike re-elected as the governor of Rivers State, Wike went ahead to douse the tension in the state by extending an olive tree of peace to Minister of Transportation Rotimi Amaechi. However, it seems that fragile peace process is about to be truncated as the two have recently re-engaged in a media war of words.

Rotimi Amaechi, appeared in an interview on Channels Television Sunrise Daily on Tuesday, and levelled several accusations on Wike, to which Wike has graciously replied Amaechi in same manner.

According to Wike, “Amaechi failed in his quest to truncate my second term because Rivers people are happy with my work. I would not have responded to the falsehood being peddled by the Minister of Transportation, but I owe the public the duty to set the record straight. It is unfortunate. I extended the Olive Branch and I meant every word of it. It was on that basis that the State Attorney General filed a nolle prosequi to withdraw the charge against Ojukaye Flag Amachree. If I did not do well in my first term, PDP wouldn’t have given me the party’s flag to fly. In 2015, the same man vowed that over his dead body would I emerge victorious. I have done well for my people. It is for the people of Rivers State to decide. It is not in the place of Amaechi to decide. We have over 6 million people and over 3 million registered voters. Therefore, Amaechi cannot say I cannot go for a second term. He has only one vote. In the past, he said an Ikwerre man cannot succeed another Ikwerre man. Today, he is saying his grouse is that I cannot go for a second term. At every step, he has one story or the other”.

Wike said contrary to Amaechi’s story about kidnapping on Channels Television, kidnapping raged during Amaechi’s tenure, to the extent that the State Chairman of Rivers State Independent Electoral Commission was kidnapped under Amaechi’s watch.

“Our internally Generated Revenue has improved due to the peace and security in the state. And the political misfortune that befell the APC during the last general elections in Rivers State, was principally due to the impunity of Amaechi, which prevented his party from being on the ballot. Because of this impunity he has denied so many people their political future”.

He said that the plots by Amaechi to manipulate the Tribunal would fail like other previous plots, and that Amaechi’s boast that he appointed the members of the tribunal and that they would work for him, would only remain an empty boast.

Wike also said that Amaechi’s alleged plot to use the police to illegally certify fake results, as he did for Rivers East Senatorial District during the rerun elections tribunal would fail.

“The game he played in Rivers East of using the police to certify fake results will not work. During the rerun Police certified fake results. That game will not work again. We have gone beyond that. We are waiting for the police to certify fake results for Amaechi “.

And regarding the defeated AAC Governorship candidate, Engr Awara, Wike said “Awara ran for the PDP councillorship in 2018 and lost. For this election, he did not campaign and never printed posters. Look at that kind of impunity. He brought a man that the people of Rivers State never knew three days to the election. The AAC had no House of Assembly candidates, they had no House of Representatives candidates and no Senate candidates for the elections. There is no way that such a party would have been coasting to victory.”

Amaechi also alleged that the INEC Chairman, Professor Mahmood Yakubu influenced the suspension of the Collation process, because Wike had previously worked under Yakubu at the Federal Ministry of Education. To which Wike called Amaechi’s allegation a baseless one.

He said that he superintended basic Education, while the INEC Chairman served as TETFUND Executive Secretary under the Minister of Education, and so he never worked under Yakubu. Moreover, he pointed out that the INEC Chairman was appointed by the APC Federal Government and since his appointment, there has been no links between them.

What do you think of this continous war between Nyesom Wike and Rotimi Amaechi?

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