VGMA 2019: How Ghanaian Celebs Reacted To Shatta-Stonebwoy Fight

Shatta Wale’s miscalculated moves at VGMA 2019 led to a pandemonium on stage, where blows were exchanged between his fans and Stonebwoy’s fans.

Feeling threatened, Stonebwoy pulled a gun right on stage to defend himself but he was convinced to shelve it. Throughout these, SM fans and Bhim fans were throwing blows on stage.

Charterhouse had to cut transmission for well over one hour, for tempers to cool down. Shatta Wale walked out of the auditorium amid ridicules from most people, who were gathered at the Dome for the VGMA 2019.

It all started when Stonebwoy was announced as the winner for Reggae Dancehall Artist of the Year, winner for the fifth time.

Shatta who had already posted on social media multiple times that he deserved the award, walked to the stage with his gang for reasons best known to him.

Bhim fans who feared for the life of their boss resisted Shatta Wale’s gang, and a fight broke out. But after the fight, Shatta Wale has shared on his social media handles that he wanted to congratulate Stonebwoy.

Well, Ghanaian celebrities have reacted to the confusion which took the shine out of the beautiful event. Mr. Big Shoe, King Promise  revealed that although his shoe was weighing him, he had to flee for his life at all cost when a gun was pulled by Stonebwoy.

Guru wandered why artists should be fighting among themselves, when even just nomination at the BET has eluded us this year. Okyeame Kwame cautioned against beef in the music industry, and called for unity among Ghanaian musicians.

By the way, Shatta Wale says he is done with music. He claims he has made enough money so he is venturing into Real estate business, after the ugly scene at the VGMA 2019


my shoe really heavy so then i for move quick! but thanks to you guys for the award. God bless the fans… My family… & the best team LLE! ????— King Promise (@IamKingPromise) May 19, 2019

We are competing among ourselves instead of our neighbors ????shame to y’all ???????we don’t even have a BET rep yet y’all fighting over home match— GURU (@gurunkz) May 19, 2019

Wow ????— EFYA (@EFYA_Nokturnal) May 19, 2019

The planet does not need more BEEF. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kinds. #love #peace— MADE IN GHANA (@Okyeamekwame) May 19, 2019

1. Will be very difficult for me to believe/accept Shatta and that horde of team were just going to congratulate Stonebwoy.

It’s a massive event with security detail and everyone should’ve respected protocol. Esp with the feuding tension between the two. No way— Saddick Adams (@SaddickAdams) May 19, 2019

You see the Shatta Wale people dema life? Sour losers.

Stonebwoy is Dancehall/Reggae Artiste of the year. Deal with it! ????#VGMA2019 #VGMARant— Sam ‘Dzata’ George (@samgeorgegh) May 19, 2019

By Gideon Sarpong | WakeUpAfrica360


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