How A Pastor & His Female Lover Got A Death Sentence For Murder

The convicts as seen on social media A secret love affair with a pastor became open after the husband of the woman was found burnt in a car and they are now sentenced to death by hanging for murder. When Mrs. Eniobong Isonguyo got entangled in a spicy love affair with Pastor Udoka Ukachukwu, she didn’t envisage it would earn her and her pastor a death sentence.

She was married to Engr. Victor Gabriel Isonguyo, a senior staff of the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC), Benin, but defiled her matrimonial vows and allegedly engaged in extra-marital affairs, which led to the death of her husband. It was gathered that the incident occurred in 2013, when Engr. Gabriel discovered that his wife was pregnant while he was away and wanted to know how it came about.

It was learnt that the accusation resulted to acrimony between him and his wife, who planned with the pastor lover to kill Engr. Gabriel, who they perceived as obstacle to their love affair. It was gathered that the deceased and his wife, then, have been married for 18 years with three children. Before his death, Engr. Gabriel was said to be having issues with his wife over the paternity of their children, after he suspected the wife of having an extra-marital affair with the said pastor.

It was learnt that the deceased reported the issue to his family, as well as his in-law that he was not responsible for the pregnancy. The families were said to have resolved that a DNA test be conducted after the wife gives birth. But he was murdered by his wife and her pastor lover before she delivered the baby. The woman, who was said to be four months pregnant as at the time of the murder later gave birth in prison. The wife, it was gathered, reportedly went to the deceased’s office after his death to report that he was missing, and thereafter went to the bank where she allegedly withdrew N4Million from their joint account. It was further gathered the police while parading the suspects, said the woman had reported the alleged missing of her husband to the police.

Ironically, the reported missing man, was however, found burnt in his private vehicle along Sapele road, Benin, a day after the wife lodged the complaint of the alleged missing of her husband. The police said investigation however revealed that the said woman gave out the husband’s official car, a Volkswagen Passant to a pastor, from whom the vehicle was recovered from. The pastor was said to have replaced the original vehicle registration plate number with a fake one. It was gathered that before the investigation, the woman denied any involvement in the killing.

According to the police, Eniobong said: “When I did not see my husband I ran to the Pastor because we have known him for a very long time. I took my husband’s new car to him to sow as a seed in the church, so that my husband will be found. I told him to take it to the church, but I didn’t know that he went to change the plate number. I asked him to pray harder because I loved my husband and I don’t want anything to happen to him.” It was gathered during investigation that the police accosted a lady in the compound, where the car was packed and she reportedly told the police that the car was brought by a pastor who lives in the compound. When the police approached the pastor, he was said to have explained that one of his daughters in the church sowed a seed with the car.

He was said to have led the police to the residence of the said “daughter” but surprisingly it turned out it was the deceased’s wife. The police then said the suspect confessed to the crime during investigation. After years of investigation and litigation, a High Court in Benin sentenced the woman and her pastor lover to death, for the murder of Engr. Isonguyo. During the trial, the prosecuting counsel told the court that the murder was carried out by the convicts so as to cover up the pregnancy accusation by the deceased.

He explained that: “The deceased’s wife told the pastor to wait on the route of her husband to work and ask him for a ride. The plan paid off as the man eventually stopped and gave the pastor a ride along Sapele road, Benin. During the journey, the said pastor brought out a sharp object and hit him on his neck before opening the petrol tank, sipped out fuel and burnt him beyond recognition.” In her ruling Justice Geraldine Imadegbelo held that the prosecution was able to prove the case beyond reasonable doubt, and sentenced Eniobong and Pastor Ukachukwu to death by hanging. 

Source The Nation

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