Regina Daniels Reportedly Begs Her Father With SUV, After Denying Him Publicly + Ned Nwoko Reportedly Hospitalized Over His Election Loss

Prince Ned Nwoko, the billionaire husband of teenage actress, Regina Daniels, was reportedly hospitalized due to the news of his election loss at the court of appeal. According to reports

Senator Nwoko,was said to have had a High Blood Pressure when he heard that the appellate court, which he has previously tried to “lobby” for favour, had declared Senator Nwaoboshi winner of the last election.

Meanwhile, Nollywood actress and producer, Shan George had a few things to say about the controversial marriage of Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko. She took to Instagram to slam Ned Nwoko whom she described as a disgusting man, who marries little children. Although she deleted the post, it however went viral on the internet.

Shan spared no words in expressing how she truly feels about Ned. According to her, Nwoko is a disgusting and shameless man who sleeps around with greedy actresses and marries children but has contributed nothing to the development of his community.

She wrote: “Senator Ned Nwoko is an ugly sad little pri*k, with all his so-called billions, aside sleeping with some greedy actresses and buying them cars, or marrying little children all over the place, who him epp? Is there a free well-equipped children’s hospital in his own village built by him? Or a free primary/secondary school for all children of his village?” Or free care home for d aged widows in his village? I mean only in his village, at least he can afford it. I’ve never seen an adult so disgusting and shameless. Wicked enough to put a lil child like #ReginaDaniels in a traditional cult of ‘don’t ever cheat on me’. His place in hell will sure be d hottest. (Well, this is just my opinion)”

Despite all these, Regina has reacted to the news of the man claiming to be her father, in an instastory post. She wrote: “Every D*ck and Harry claiming to be my father that is if I have one. Yo! I know who my father is!”

But a man called Tony Ojeogwu, who claims to be a brother to Jude (Regina’s alleged father), came to Facebook and called out Ned Nwoko to do the right thing and consult his new wife’s paternal family members.

This is as there are allegations that Regina’s bride price, which was paid by Ned Nwoko has generated bad blood between Rita Daniels and Jude’s family. Tony also revealed that despite the fact that Regina had denied her father in public, she was now begging him to forgive her with an SUV jeep.

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