Hafsat Abiola Thanks President Buhari For Honoring MKO Abiola

It is no longer news that President Buhari honoured the late MKO Abiola yesterday, during the June 12 celebration. Buhari used the inauguration of June 12 as the new Democracy Day in Nigeria, to rename the Abuja National Stadium, to MKO Abiola Stadium.

This move was highly recommended and appreciated by Nigerians from all walks of life, who felt the move was long overdue.

The daughter of Abiola, Dr Hafsat Abiola has come out to openly commend the honour by Buhari and also apologise to the President on behalf of her family.

Read her writeup below

Hafsat Abiola to President Buhari

“If anyone had told the Abiola family, that it is you who would do us this honour, we would never have believed it.

You honoured my dad despite the relationship that existed between you and him.

You touched my heart.

You even apologized for the annulment that you never caused.

You touched my heart.

Let me on behalf of the Abiola Family, apologise to you too, to forgive my dad for whatever sin he might have committed against you and your family.

Please forgive him.

Thank you
Your Excellency

Political leaders from various opposition parties, have declared their satisfaction that the sacrifices Abiola made for Nigeria has finally been appreciated and recognized on a national level.

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