US Embassy Refutes Report That Claimed It Banned Student Visas For Nigerians

The biggest news that shook Nigerians to the bones was the news which broke on recently, that the United States of America, has placed a ban on issuing student visas to Nigerians until further notice.
In a swift response to it, the United States Mission in Nigeria has said via a media statement that the news is fake and false.

Responding to the report, which said the ban was a new measure to restrict visa issuance to countries, whose citizens have a track record of overstaying beyond the validity of their shirt-term US visas.

U.S. President Donald Trump
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The United States Mission, said in its statement issued yesterday June 17, that the news is fake. “#FakeNews Alert! Be advised, reports of Student Visa ban for Nigerians is false. If you have seen such manufactured item on Facebook and Twitter, or received it via WhatsApp, please communicate that it is false,” the Mission said.

It was easy for citizens of Nigeria to quickly believe such news, bearing in mind that the US Mission recently suspended visa interviews waiver for those renewing their visas in Nigeria.

The privilege which Nigerian holders of US visa types B1/B2, F, H, enjoyed by renewing their visas online and picking it up through DHL dropbox locations, was suspended last month (May). This move was believed to have been initiated by President Donald Trump’s administration to reduce immigration activities in Nigeria, and so, the explanation by the US Mission that the move was to provide efficient customer service and promote legitimate travel, did not hold water with Nigerians.

According to the U.S Department of Homeland Security (DHS), a total of 29,723 Nigerian immigrants who traveled to the U.S. in 2018, overstayed their visas.
Nigeria’s overstay rate, as well of that of nationalities of other countries, has been a source of concern for Trump, whose administration has been notoriously tough on immigration.

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