President Buhari Set To Submit Ministerial List Next Month

There are indications that President Muhammadu Buhari may send the list of his ministerial list to the Senate next month being July. A minister who served in President Buhari’s first term, revealed that Buhari would send the list earlier than he did in the past administration. Also, according to the source, the President was aware that the senate would resume from break on July 2 and begin another two-month break on July 26.

The intriguing thing is that there are indications that none of the former ministers would return to the cabinet. “We have the rumour that the President might submit the names of the new ministers to the Senate early next month. I think he is aware that the Senate will embark on another round of recess before the end of July. So, he will have to send the list to the senators as soon as they return on July 2. Though our party, the All Progressives Congress, controls the National Assembly, I don’t think it will be cost-effective to summon the senators for the ministerial clearance after they might have gone on another break.”

The former minister went ahead to declare that he has not been asked to resubmit his CV, “the President is the only person who knows who will return.”

Though aides to the president have kept mum regarding the time the ministerial list will be submitted, if the President fails to submit the ministerial list to the Senate before July 26, the nation may have to wait till the end of September to know the new cabinet members.

Amother alternative could be if members of the senate are willing to cut short their recess and attend to the list whenever the President sends it.

Recall that it took President Buhari 6 months before he sent his cabinet members list to the senate in 2015, coutning down from when Buhari was sworn in in 2019, it seems the scenario may replay itself if nothing is done about it.

What do you think of this continued delay in submitting cabinet lists by President Buhari
How do you think this situation can be improved?

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