Ghanaian Immigration Deports 17 Nigerian Yahoo Boys

Ghanaian Immigration has made good its threat to deport some Nigerians, and they hav started with their recent deportation of 17 Nigerians, who are suspected ‘Yahoo Boys’
The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) arrested about 29 persons in Ho, the Volta Regional capital for their alleged involvement in cyber crimes, known in Nigeria as ‘yahoo, yahoo’. They handed the Nigerians over to the GIS for screening, to know their immigration status.

The Ho Municipal Police Commander, DSP Anthony Danso, who briefed the Times, said their findings showed that the deported persons did not have good immigration standing.
Those who were legal residents of Ho, were released and reunited with their various communities, while the rest were deported.

According to Danso some landlords had leased houses to some Nigerians, who turned those houses to crime zones used for various nefarious activities, including cyber fraud. He went further to reveal that the police retrieved 33 laptop computers, two television sets, one wireless router and 20 cell phones as well as some electronic gadgets.

What do you think of this story? How do you think Nigerian Youth can stop getting involved in cyber crimes?

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