COZA UPDATE; Pastor Biodun Steps Down As The Church Veers Into Investigating The Truth

Update in the COZA rape scandal reveals that Biodun Fatoyinbo, Founder and Senior Pastor of Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, stepped down from his position in the church on Monday. This was a consequence of the massive protest, which was staged at his Lagos and Abuja churches after Busola Dakolo revealed that Fatoyinbo raped her multiple times, when she was 17.
Fatoyinbo disclosed this in a statement, which was released through his IG handle, asking the people to pray for him as he claimed not to “understand all that is happening.”

The statement reads, “The past few days have been sobering for me. I have taken time to pray and seek spiritual counsel from Christian leaders around the world, who feel very concerned about the ongoing reports in the media. I have solicited their guidance on actions I should take that are honouring to our Lord Jesus Christ, and the work He has called me to do. Drawing from their counsel and that of the leadership of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, and owing to my love for God’s work and the sacred honour of my calling, I have decided to take a leave of absence from the pulpit of church. Although it would break my heart to tatters to stay a day without doing ministry, I believe it is the right thing to do at this time. It is in the interest of the flock of Christ that issues concerning me do not become a distraction to their worship of their Lord. This step enables me to submit to the concerns of my spiritual mentors, as they consider all the issues that have been raised against me. My confidence in the Lord remains unwavering. Though I do not understand all that is happening, I trust the Lord to lead and guide me one step at a time. Kindly pray for me and the congregation of COZA, as we seek the face of the Lord during these turbulent times.”

But those who should know claimed that Biodun didnt willingly step down, they said that he was forced to step down to enable the elders in the church to investigate the allegations, and also reduce public outcry on the rape allegations.

Poju Oyemade, Senior Pastor Covenant Christian Centre and Convener of The Platform Nigeria, had revealed through his IG, that he contacted “spiritual leader in the Body of Christ I believe Pastor Biodun defers in authority to,” and they compelled him to step down and cancel his annual Seven Days of Glory.

Oyemade said, “I immediately contacted the spiritual leader in the Body of Christ I believe Pastor Biodun defers in authority to, to wade into the issue and bring about a decision. He informed me of his position. which was that Pastor Biodun should first step down from the pulpit indefinitely, suspend 7 Days of glory and make a public statement. These he made known to him directly in an hour. This should serve as the first step. He informed me that was the position and asked my opinion. We had 3 objectives in mind: Justice, Healing and Redemption.”

Fatoyinbo had in the church service on Sunday announced the cancellation of the Seven Days of Glory. Just as his wife Pastor Modele Fatoyinbo, had also while ministering in the disrupted service on Sunday, described the rape allegation against her husband as false.

Her ministration was broadcast from Abuja, to the congregation at the Lagos branch of the church, Pastor Modele said. “Not even as an unbeliever will my husband rape someone.” But she was prevented from speaking further on the rape allegations by her husband.

Meanwhile, the Senior Pastor of Daystar Church, Pastor Sam Adeyemi, has reacted to Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo’s decision to step down over the rape allegation from Busola. Pastor Sam urged Nigerians to pray for everyone who is either affected, hurting from these incidents and their families, while the process to seek truth is ongoing.

He said, ”My attention has been drawn to the allegations of rape made against Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo by Mrs Busola Dakolo. These are, no doubt, serious allegations. Rape is a crime and I say a firm NO to rape.As Christians, it is only appropriate for us to seek for truth, justice, healing, and restoration for all involved. The Bible instructs us to do this with humility (Galatians 6:1). While these are still allegations, I empathize with Mrs Dakolo and everyone that has been affected, and I pray God’s peace for them at this time. While the allegations have been refuted, I hope there will be a process, legal or counseling, to establish the truth in these circumstances. Meanwhile, let us pray for peace and strength for everyone hurting in this process, for the families of the accusers and the accused, and the Church. #truth #justice #healing #restoration.”

What do you think of these story? Should there be a legal process to determine the truth?

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