Shiite Leader El-Zakzaky Has Been Infected With Lead Poison, Needs Urgent Medical Help

Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, remember him? He is the Nigerian Muslim Cleric and leader of the Shiites, who has been in prison for over two years now. Though Zakzaky has been granted bail several times by Nigerian courts, however, the FG has failed to obey the court order by releasing Zakzaky.

Even when he was granted permission to travel outside the country on health grounds, he was still not released, despite repeated protests by his Shiite followers, Zakzaky and his wife are still incarcerated.

Recent developments has indicated that Zakzaky may have been infected by lead poisoning. A clinical toxicologist Seyyed Nader Mostafavi, who made this this discovery due to Zakzaky’s deteriorating condition, stressed that his lead poisoning should be treated urgently.

According to Mostafavi, Mr El-Zakzaky is suffering from multiple health problems, and that the level of lead in his blood was 170, while 20 days later, the figure has reached 234. He said that such level of poisoning has reached a dangerous level, and that Zakzaky needed to be admitted at the hospital quickly, because the medicine for treating lead poisoning is very available.

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