Slapping Senator Elisha Abbo In More Trouble As Photographer Accuses Him Of Maltreatment & Threat To Life

New Senator representing Adamawa State, Senator Elisha Abbo, has been in the news lately but not for positive reasons. Abbo has seemingly offended the sensitivity of Nigerians when a video footage showed him beating up a nursing mother at a sex toy shop in Abuja. Though inside sources claim the incident happened in March 2019, there has been public outcry by Nigerians from all walks of life, who have not only condemned the incident, but have also launched a petition to remove Abbo as a serving senator and also prosecute him.

Abbo had retributed by apologizing publicly to (Bibra), the woman and to Nigerians, yet it seems the gods are not done with him yet. As a photographer, named Owolabi Olumuyiwa Tayo, has come out to accuse Senator Abbo of treating him lie a prisoner.

Owolabi granted an exclusive interview to, where he alleged that he had worked as an official photographer for Abbo in the past and got treated like a prisoner and also threatened to be shot.
Your social media post about your maltreatment by Senator Abbo, is it real?
It is real and I’m ready to confront him at any level. My brother, that guy is inhuman.
Why did you keep quiet about it all this while?
Actually, l didn’t want to rubbish former Governor Ayodele Fayose because the ugly incident might be linked to him, and Fayose was nice to me while working for him as official photographer. It was few weeks to his inauguration as governor in 2014. Meanwhile, Senator Abbo contracted me through Fayose to work for him during his failed senatorial ambition under the then ACN in Adamawa State. I used to live in his house in Abuja where the maltreatment started, since l don’t have enough cash on me. During those days in his Abuja residence, l was fed with Semovita and their traditional soup made with garden eggs as morning, afternoon and night meals. In fact, that guy is heartless.
So, what really happened in Adamawa?
l was almost killed. I couldn’t speak or understand their language, so they tortured me psychologically and physically. We got to Mubi and heard that Boko Haram were about invading the town, and l was afraid. People were in panicky conditions. So, that warranted me to approach him for money to leave the town and return to my family because l was cashless. Behold, the guy descended on me as if we were in a combat. He asked his policemen to rooster their riffles and shoot at me. Luckily, one of the policemen had sympathy on me and requested that l should be taken to Kaliwa Police station, where the DPO asked him to give me money and allow me to go. Although, the DPO knew he was wrong and pitied me, he was powerless at that point in time because Senator Abbo was too powerful to be handled by him. Fortunately, when l heard the case of that lady that he slapped and manhandled, l wasn’t surprised. I know he can be that wicked and aggressive. That was why l’m sharing my experience with him.
Now, what next?
I’m ready to take him on and grant interviews to confront him with evidence, whenever I’m called upon. He is still owing me my professional fee and l want all well meaning Nigerians to help me retrieve my money. That guy is not fit to hold public office.
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Meanwhile, Senator Abbo has described himself as an “ambassador of Christ”, as he apologized to Nigerians over the incident at Abuja shop. This is even as the senate set up a committee to probe his actions, while Mohammed Adamu, the Inspector General of police, has ordered that he should be investigated.
In a statement, personally signed by Abbo, he said he had learnt his lessons and promised to be of good conduct henceforth.

“It is with a deep sense of remorse and responsibility that I, Senator Ishaku Abbo (SIA), profoundly apologize to all Nigerians, the Senate, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), my family, friends, as well as our mothers – the Nigerian women,” the statement read.
“I personally apologize to Bibra and her family for my action towards her, which has brought immense discomfort in our body polity.
“I have never been known or associated with such actions in the past. Regardless of what transpired prior to my expression of anger, I am sincerely sorry and plead that all men and women of good conscience should have the heart to forgive me. To err is human, to forgive is divine.

“To the Church of God everywhere in the world, I am sorry. As an Ambassador of Christ, much is expected of me. My family and religious upbringing do not give approval to such conduct and for this, as a leader, I seek forgiveness before God and all those who feel offended by my action.
“Indeed, this episode has taught me a very great lesson both as a private citizen and a public officer, particularly as a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, upon whom public confidence is bestowed.

“Finally, I assure Nigerians, especially the people of Adamawa North of my good conduct at all times.”

What do you think of this story? Do you think Abbo should be prosecuted?

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