Meet The 2019 BBN Housemates + Watch The Live Show Tonight

Big Brother Naija (BBN) 2019, kicked off on Sunday June 30, by 7pm with 21 contestants. The show themed ‘Pepper dem gang’ edition, promises to be interesting and exciting, especially with its collection of housemate profile.
Meet the 21 housemates, as previously published by Naija News

  1. Avala – Ogun State born Saidat Avala Balogun, is a 30 year old single mom and music artist. She studied music and business at York College in Queens New York, and has a single ‘Give Me a Chance’. She is not single and not ready to mingle.
  2. Khafi – Ekiti State born Khafi Kareem, is a 20 year old UK based policewoman, who believes that you can have it all if you believe in yourself. She in the BBN show to get exposure so that societal good.
  3. Omatshola – Delta State born Omatshola, is a 38-years-old model and entrepreneur, he loves basketball, cooking and swimming even though he can’t swim. Omatshola is a talkative and a confirm ‘Warri’ boy.
  4. Frodd – Anambra State born Frodd is not an entertainer, but a 28 year old working class guy. He is simply ‘fresh and odd’, Frodd who is a bit complicated says he will be himself in the house.
  5. Ike – Imo State born Ike, is a 26-year old, model, who wants to give us drama and romance in the house. He is so excited to be in the show and will give us a great show and a little attitude.
  6. Ella – Anambra State born Victoria ‘Ella’ Nnabuchi, is a 30-year-old lady who is not new to limelight. She was a runner up in a popular music talent search, she is also a TV presenter, voice over artist and model. Ella is single, loves attention and does not like to wear clothes.
  7. Nelson – Rivers State born Nelson, is 26 years old, a massuese who is single and very available. He was a former Mr Universe Nigeria.
  8. Kimophra – is a 23- year old, single and available lady, who tells Nigerians to watch out for lot of manipulation. Kimophra is in the house for the money and the experience. She also intends to further her education and invest as well.
  9. Isilomo – Edo State born Isilomo is 27 and simply fun and adventurous. And we cant get nothing less.
  10. Jackye – Anambra born Jackye is 23-years-old and describes herself as a chameleon. She is in a relationship, and is only attracted to the BBN show for the money.
  11. Tuoyo – Delta State born Tuoya, is a 24 year old psychotherapist, part time stripper and a fitness trainer. He is a flirt, who likes working out too.
  12. Sir Dee – Sir Dee is a 28 year-old banker from Kogi State. He is a banker, who slipped from work to be in the house. He is also there for the money and the experience.
  13. Seyi – Seyi is 30-years-old and from Ogun State. He is the grandson of Obafemi Awolowo and a doctor. Seyi is not single, not available, but his relationship status is hooded in mystery. He is in the house to enjoy himself and get the experience.
  14. Esther -Lagos State born Esther, is a 22-year-old lawyer and part-time hustler, who is in the house for the fun, money and experience. She is very nervous about the whole thingy.
  15. Thelma – is 26- years-old and is in the house for the money and experience. She is not single and intends to spice up the house.
  16. Gedoni – Ekpata Gedoni is a 31-year-old sophisticated fashion entrepreneur, who likes to keep it simple. He enjoys basketball, soccer, cleaning and taking long walks. He also writes poetry and draws portraits as well.
  17. Diane– Kaduna State born Diane is 23-years-old. She is single, a terrible dancer, who can’t stop dancing and is in the house for the money.
  18. Mercy – Mercy Eke is 26-years-old, and a Lagos based business woman and video vixen. She is single, she loves to cook, swim, travel and dance and is always positive no matter the situation. She believes she will win the money.
  19. Tacha – Rivers State born Tacha is a 23-year-old social media sensation. She is real, interesting and can’t wait to show herself to the world. She also loves to make money.
  20. Jeff – Anambra State born Jeff, is a 30-year-old single guy, who comes to the BBN show with no strategy. He is a very composed Ibo boy and is out to have fun and cause trouble with the ladies.
  21. Mike -Lagos State born Mike Edwards, is a 28-year-old married man. He is a loving husband, and CEO of the first black owned cigar in UK. He is also a fanatical athlete.
  22. Nigerians are surprised at this choice of housemates, because in March 2019, Multichoice released ten names of candidates who were given a second chance to be housemates for 2019 reality show. In their statement, Multichoice asked Nigerian viewers to vote any favourite candidate of their choice listed, so they could be shortlisted into the BBNaija house.
    The statement reads: “ Meet the #BBNaija Contestant Candidates!
    “For the next 10 days, you have the power to vote in a hopeful Contestant Candidate into the 2019 BBNaija House! Big Brother is giving you the viewer, the power to select one more housemate to go into the Big Brother house this season. These personalities bring you the choice of more drama, action, love, laughter or entertainment! All you have to do is vote the personality you will like to see in the house daily, from March 21 – 31 2019. Remember, you must be an active DStv/GOtv Subscriber to cast valid votes.”
    Their names were:
    Charles (32years)
    Emeka (33years
    Nkeiru (23years)
    Precious (23years)
    Oluwasegun (30yrs)
    However a different scenario played out on June 30th, when the housemates were revealed and none of the previous names in the list made the show. Of course, Nigerians expressed their shock over the choice of housemates in the fourth season of the reality show. In the view of the BBN audience, the housemates were more foreign than Nigerian.
    According to them, the 2019 housemate selection was the biggest fraud ever, considering that thousands of Nigerian youth almost killed themselves during the February auditions in Lagos and Abuja, where it didn’t look like Manchester-based Mike, London police officer Khafi and Ike, appeared at the audition venues at all.
    See some reactions:
    @Omojuwa said, “I have a problem with everyday Nigerians struggling across the country to audition for this thing, yet it appears they stood no chance from the beginning. That should have been made clear to them from the start. Big Brother Phonetics. It appears this is Big Brother Nigeria Diaspora.”
    @BabaRoyan tweeted, “Too much handpicking! Connection is the main thing to strive in Nigeria! While The main people who went for the audition were selected to become #BBNaija NINJAs.”
    @Ibidunmary said, “I said it to someone all those people jumping fence, crossing hurdles to make it to the audition none of them is in the house, all these ones are imported.”
    @DesmondAyotunde wrote, “I doubt if most of these contestants in the house really participated in the audition.”
    These housemates are competing for the grand prize worth 60 million Naira. And today show is gonna be interesting, don’t forget to watch.

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