Adeleke Family Not Excited About PDP 2022 Governorship Ticket

Following the defeat of Senator Ademola Adeleke in the suit challenging the vicroty of Gboyega Oyetola in the Osun State governorship elections, at the Supreme Court. Deji Adeleke, his elder brother and the scion of the Adeleke family, has released a statement, where he stated the position of the Adeleke family.

Dr Deji Adeleke

Deji, who is the Founder and Pro-Chancellor of Adeleke University in Ede, said that the PDP failed to keep many of the promises it made to the Adeleke’s before the September 22 governorship elections.

Adeleke’s signed statement was made available to the media in Osogbo, where he claimed that his younger brother Ademola, had no intention to contest the governorship election in the first place. Rather, he was begged to run for the elections by the PDP leadership and elders, “The family had to reluctantly accept the plea, after receiving assurances and promises that were never kept.”
He also said that his younger brother, deserves a break to rest and decide on the next thing to do.

Responding to the various concerns of people about the resources that he committed to support Ademola’s candidacy in the elections, plus the huge legal fees spent during the court case. Deji said that spending money on politics should not be seen as an investment, which ought to be recouped when the person wins, through corrupt means. But that rather, putting resources in elections, should be seen as a grant, to help deepen democracy and advance the rule of law.

Deji’s statement read, “I am not a card-carrying member of any political party but I am a sympathiser/supporter of the PDP in Osun State. Osun State PDP will be better off and well prepared for the next general election in the state, if internal democracy is encouraged and enforced.
“All elective positions, including the position of governor of the state, should be open to all members of the party to contest in a transparent primary election. Everyone must be given a sense of belonging, in order to grow the party in Osun State.
“The PDP members that are trading blame within the party should be reminded that the PDP won the governorship election held on September 22, 2018, but was not allowed to take office by the powers that be in the ruling party. Members should be proud that the electorate sided with the party against the ruling party in that election and not blame each other for the daylight robbery that deprived the party of the mandate freely given by the good people of Osun State, which has brought shame and disgrace to Nigeria as a country.”

He added, “As for the Adeleke family, of which I am one, we will like to remind all the PDP members that Senator Ademola Nurudeen Adeleke had no intention to contest the governorship election in the first place, but was invited and prevailed upon by the party leadership and party elders to contest the governorship election, which he and his family accepted most reluctantly after receiving assurances and promises that were never kept.

“Everything that followed after this, is now history. Senator Adeleke should, therefore, be given a break, to take his well-deserved rest and decide what he will do/not do when the time comes.
“Contributions to an election fund should always be considered a grant, to help deepen our democracy and advance the rule of law, which eventually translates into Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), economic growth and job creation.”

Deji’s statement must have been a reaction to the alleged move by the PDP in Osun State to adopt Senator Adeleke as the PDP consensus governorship candidate of the 2022 poll. According to the story, which the Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the party, Diran Odeyemi, also confirmed, Dr Babalola, a chieftain of PDP in Osun West, had suggested it during a meeting at the Adeleke’s residence in Ede.

Odeyemi said, “Dr Babalola said in appreciation of the support of the Adelekes to the PDP in Osun State, Senator Ademola Adeleke should be represented in 2022 and everyone seated clapped in appreciation of that motion.
“What I said was that after listening to assurances from Dr Deji Adeleke, who assured us of continuous support, I suggested that he should be made one of the leaders of our party. It happened at a political gathering.”

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