Stop The Rumour, The New Nigerian Passport Does Not Have Only Images Of Cows

The Nigerian government announced that a new international passport would be produced, which would replace the current one in use.

This wasn’t much of a big deal because Nigerians believed the current passport was due for a change anyway.

However, as soon as some of the features inside the visa pages were announced, it became controversial, as mischief makers started highlighting the fact that there were images of Fulani herdsmen in the pages.

But a Nigerian, Chris Akwarandu, has taken time to pick out the accurate information in each of the visa pages.

This information, which was made available to WakeUpAfrica360 states the following as illustrations in the visa pages of the New International Passport:

1. Rock, maybe Aso Rock
2. Tiv Dancers
3. Calabar Masquerade
4. Argungu Fish Festival
5. Igbo Traditional Male Dancers.
6. Wall of Emir Palace
7. Fulani Herdsman & Cows
8. Benin Bronze
9. Durbar Horse Riders
10. Lagos Traffic & Lagos THREE WISE MEN
11. Fulani Girls With Calabash
12. Unidentifiable Historic Monument.
13. Carving of Southern Lady
14. Immigration HQ Building
15. Benin Mask
16. Savannah Forest
17. Rural Village Setting
18. Abuja City Entry
19. Hausa Trumpeter
20. Offshore Oil Rig
21 Akwa Ibom Female Dancers.
22. Obudu Ranch Cable Car
23. Canoe Transport
24. Lagos Eyo Festival
25. Rock-Jos, Abeokuta or Ondo
26. Nupe Bronze Carving
27. Acrobats Possibly South East
28. Rock/Tree in Arid Background
29. Yoruba Masquerades
30. Waterfall
31. Statue of Ogun, god of Iron.

In all, there are 31 illustrations, which captures almost every important tribe in Nigeria.

Why then is there much ado about only the cows illustration in the passport.

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