Voice Of BBNaija, Andre Blaze Henshaw Accused Of Sexual Assault By Nigerian Female Writer

While Nigerians and Africans are happily watching the BBNaijs Pepper Dem edition, a Nigerian writer and activist Olutimehin Adegbeye, has accused the Andre Blaze Henshaw, who plays the voice of Biggie, of sexually assaulting her in the presence of other people and eventually shrugging off an attempt to stop him from committing the crime.

Sahara Reporters, first broke the story, which Olutimehin made on her personal Twitter account @OhTimehin.

OluTimehin Adegbeye speaks at TEDGlobal 2017 – Builders, Truth Tellers, Catalysts – August 27-30, 2017, Arusha, Tanzania. Photo: Ryan Lash / TED

Andre Blaze Henshaw, is a Nigerian radio personality, rapper, television host and executive producer. He came to limelight as a member of the hip hop group Tuck Tyght Allstars. His radio career began at Rhythm 93.7 FM Port Harcourt, where he worked for over six years before joining Nigezie as a TV host.

Olutimehin tweeted

“Just a friendly reminder that all of you watching Big Brother are listening to the voice of Andre Blaze Henshaw, who sexually assaulted me while I was incapacitated, in full view of other people, and even though another woman who saw him tried to make him stop. Tell me again how survivors “speaking up” and “naming our abusers” somehow magically stops them from having the resources, social space and power to abuse other people. Tell me again how accusations of sexual violence are terrible things that ‘ruin men’s lives’. The BBC never apologised, by the way. Nor did they seem to remember or care what they did before inviting me to speak at another one of their ‘pro-woman’ events this year. Trololololol. And now I’ve just remembered what happened to T-Boss *on camera*, and #welp.”

Olutimehin, blamed our culture, which turns the blames on the victims, and helps the rapist get away with the crime.

“The problem isn’t that most people don’t believe survivors — even though that’s a huge problem in and of itself. The real problem is that people simply do not care. If this news is reaching you for the first time, please be reminded that it is news *to you*. I’ve been talking about this for years. I don’t care if you believe me or not. I’m just reminding you that some of us know the truth: y’all don’t care about sexual violence or survivors,” she tweeted.

As is expected her tweets evocked various emotions and responses on twitter..

irene, PhD. @moshoke tweeted, “Recently, there is an increasing reportage on “abused” women and some have developed the chutzpah to talk about past hurts too. The current actions-of speaking out-won’t easily lead to change at the moment, but little drops like this can cause seismic & effective futuristic change.”

Finetuned @icent222 said, “Just a friendly reminder that the voice you hear is NOT that of Andre Blaze Henshaw. Get your facts right.”



Just a friendly reminder that the voice you hear is NOT that of Andre Blaze Henshaw. Get your facts right.

Jerry @JerryNumex, “Don’t believe anyone. How about investigate? False accusations always go unpunished and the man is ruined.”

denise szecsei


Believe women. But women usually require 2 men as witnesses before she can be believed. A man’s explanation of events is usually credible on its own. That really needs to change.



Don’t believe anyone. How about investigate? False accusations always goes unpunished and the man is ruined. s

Jide Bibiresanmi @jidebibi, “It is not enough to console @OhTimehin I suggest we all pressure @DStvNg @BigBrotherNaija drop Andre Blaze Henshaw until he has cleared himself of all accusations. Continue on Bigbrothernaija is enough emotional torture for @OhTimehin”

Taiwo PowerProjects @TMosaku, “@dstvng  please get Andre Blaze Henshaw to sort this out before continuing work for you. I am considering my subscription if no action is taken”

Taiwo PowerProjects


@dstvng  please get Andre Blaze Henshaw to sort this out before continuing work for you. I am considering my subscription if no action is taken

See Taiwo PowerProjects’s other Tweets

Dior @perfumeric, “Woah..and the way I love #bbnaija Now I’m concerned. I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone in the house”



woah..and the way i love #bbnaija

Now I’m concerned. I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone in the house

tea_milksugar, @tea_milksugar, “People asking for photos are insensitive. Use the same internet access to post your questions on Twitter to then connect to Google and do your search.  Do not burden someone else with that task.”

Adaba Charles @Adabacharles1, “NA DEM again .. .. Raped u or sexually molested u  ” in the presence of other people that tried to stop him?”   This ur story No  don well..”

Jerry @JerryNumex, “So you’ll just go call the police to lock the accused up for years without any fair hearing? You people are sick! This is the same mindset that had black Americans serving jail time for crimes they didn’t commit!”

Isioma @Ms_Isioma, “I can only imagine how you feel. I’m sorry to read this. Ndo, Timehin. Ndo.”

Olutimehin had first voiced out the Andre Blaze assault on 5th of May 2018, through a tweet. She also named Lagos nightclub owner Pretty Mike, as a rapist who raped her when she was 16.

She tweeted: “ICYMI: Andre Blaze Henshaw sexually assaulted me two years ago. The BBC (unwittingly) interviewed both of us for a recent program about (toxic/evolving) masculinity and its impacts. I informed the BBC about the assault and asked them to delete/edit that program. They refused. While y’all are here, that raging misogynist Pretty Mike raped me near Club Q when I was 16 years old, and I’m willing to bet every single naira I will ever earn that he doesn’t even remember. But that’s a story for another day. I’m off to watch Beychella”

Her further tweet thread on 16th of May 2018 reads, “3. Re: reading comprehension. Pretty Mike raped me when I stopped to see him on my way back home from Anifa Prep around 3 on a Wednesday afternoon. He had become my ‘friend’ two weeks prior on a day I discovered my wallet had been stolen, also on the way back from school. I was staying at my aunt’s temporarily. Club Q was on my route home. Mike helped me one day, stopped me to talk every day after that, and subsequently violently raped me. (For those who don’t know, not all rapes are outwardly violent. That doesn’t mean they’re not rape.) To build on points 1 & 3, especially for those who lost their minds at the idea of two sexual violations in ten years: those are not the only violations or rapes I have experienced. I named Andre because the BBC triggered me on Monday. I named Pretty Mike because he was the worst There have been others. Some forgotten as a necessary survival mechanism. Some forgiven because sometimes the abuser is only an abuser because of our society engenders ignorance about sexual boundaries and consent, and they learned and made restitution.”

However, Pretty Mike laughed over Olutimehin’s accusations, saying she was seeking for attention.

“When I saw the story, which was sent to me by a friend, I laughed. Though I have ‘retired’, my friends and people who are close to me know ladies like me a lot. I think she is just a young lady looking for attention. I am a public figure; so, everyone knows where to find me. If you have issues with me, you can walk up to me. But to the best of my knowledge, none of such ever happened. People know I am not that kind of person,”

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