The members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN ) aka Shitte protest which held in Abuja yesterday Monday, has caused much havoc in the country. As President Muhammadu Buhari summoned the Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Adamu Mohammed for a closed-door meeting, where the president was briefed on the issues surrounding the protest and the response from the security agencies.

The protests claimed the lives of seven people as at last count, including a police chief DCP Umar Usman, who tried to prevent the protesters from destroying properties at the federal secretariat an other arms zone. However, a report from Amnesty International, which was made available to Premium Times, say the cause of the deaths were as a result of reckless use of lethal force by the Nigerian police.

The IGP told journalists: “We came this morning to brief Mr President on the security situation in the country, especially the activities of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), just to give him an update of what is happening in the country vis a vis their activities. Specifically, we briefed him of the incessant act coming out of this group of people, protesting here and there. The president asked us to make sure we provide security for every citizen of this country and not to leave any space that some group of people will create breakdown of law and order. So, the charge by Mr President is that we must provide security for every Nigerian”.

Nigerian Police Force

The cause of the protests is that the Shiite members are demanding the release of the spiritual sect leader Sheikh Ibraheem El Zakzay, his wife and other members. They have vowed to continue their daily protest on the streets of Abuja till their leader, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, is released.

According to Abdullahi Musa, the Secretary of IMN Academic Forum, the police caused the clash. “Security forces led by the Nigeria Police shot at our members and injured many others. I can confirm that to you, we have carried away six dead bodies belonging to our members. The security agents also lifted some corpses to unknown destinations. We are yet to account for some of our members who came out to protest today. We believe the number of casualties may increase before today ends. Our protest began from NITEL junction through Ahmadu Belli Way, to the Federal Secretariat. On our arrival, we were still prepping to pray and disperse peacefully before live ammunitions were released at our members to forcefully send us home. We were unarmed. We couldn’t have confronted armed policemen,” he added.

He further said, “No member of our movement was involved in the setting ablaze of vehicles and the outpost of NEMA ablaze as alleged. But we know the authorities have been making frantic efforts to blackmail us and sway the public sympathy against IMN and Sheikh El-Zakzaky. We are aware the police have been sending paid agents in plain clothes to infiltrate our meetings and disturb public peace in the name of IMN. But the Nigerian people are already frustrated and oppressed by this administration. The government can’t get the public sympathy they are desire, because its agents are committing crimes against humanity.”

Meanwhile, a ChannelsTV reporter, who was on ground to cover the protests was hit by a stray bullet and rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. News reaching WakeUpAfrica360 today, is that the reporter has died.

And as a result of the protest, reports claim the police are planning a massive raid within the FCT to arrest all Shiite members involved in the protests. A source who spoke under anonymity said the raid was scheduled to start within the next few days. The aim was to arrest those members who used harmful weapons during the protests, which led to the death of DCP Umar, as he tried to pacify the protesters.

WakeUpAfrica360 will keep you updated on this story.

Photo credit CHANNELSTV

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