Nigerian Author Bayo Adewale, Accused Of Raping His Five Daughters

Journalist and blogger Olufemi Gorman, exposed popular author, poet and novelist, Bayo Adebowale, for allegedly raping his five daughters. Gorman also shared screenshots of chats between him and one of Bayo’s daughter, who chose to be anonymous to RipplesNG.

She narrated that the abuse started when she and her sisters were really young. Bayo Adebowale, who is also the founder of the African Heritage Library and Cultural Centre, was accused of raping his 5 daughter multiple times, which resulted in three pregnancies for the four sisters, and subsequent abortions.

The source claimed she was the only one of the five sisters that never got pregnant as a result of the rape. The source believed the rape incidents could have been for diabolical reasons, because their mother encouraged them to keep it as a secret, even when she found out about it.

She also says that to further buttress her claims of the incest being for diabolism, that her four sisters, who all got pregnant for their father, are now widows, and have also lost three children each.

She also alleged that her father did everything to stop her from marrying her husband; “He would remove the bulb in my room and Sellotape my mouth…I was only 15. I am yet to heal completely. He raped all my sisters, they became pregnant, they aborted thrice each. I was the only one who never got pregnant, he called me Ogbanje.”

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