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Activist Who Described Ugandan President As ‘A Pair Of Buttocks’ Found Guilty Of Harassment

Ugandan academic and activist Stella Nyanzi, has been found guilty of harassing President Yoweri Museveni online. She was facing two charges of cyber harassment and offensive communication, but was not found guilty of the latter. Nyanzi responded with a passionate speech, accompanied by cheers from her supporters and other activists. She said that she wouldn’t use her children as a

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WSJ Releases Exclusive Reports On Secret Graves Where Nigerian Soldiers Are Buried, Nigerian Army Debunks The Story

While President Buhari, Nigerian leader says the war against Islamist insurgency has been won, the Nigerian army is busy concealing several deaths of Nigerian soldiers by burying them in unmarked graves At the northern edge of Maidugri in Borno State, where the city’s sprawling military base is located, a vast field of churned soil conceals the hidden toll of a

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