Could This Be True About Revolutionary Sowore?

Soon after AAC presidential candidate Omoyele Sowore was picked up by the DSS in Lagos, and subsequently transferred to Abuja, some unpleasant news filtered in from the grapevines about Sowore.

One such story was the supposed sharing formula, which teared his group apart and made the state coordinators of the planned revolution to pull out.
They were allegations of commercialization of the struggle and the refusal by major organizers of the protest to evenly distribute funds, which were far received.

According to unconfirmed reports, “Omoyele launched the revolution with hashtags on Social Media such as as#RevolutionNow, #ThisIsNotMyCountry and the #DayOfRage. He maintained that the action was aimed at drawing the attention of Government to the ills of the society including insecurity, unemployment, bad roads, and lack of electricity among others.

While the hashtags trended across the various social media platforms, sources claimed that some actors, mainly student union leaders in some Universities have queried Sowore’s refusal to disburse collected funds to the various coordinators.
One of the aggrieved coordinators disclosed that Sowore collected monies running into about $35M, from some Nigerian politicians and Middle East diplomats in the United States, and Dubai.

He also claimed that the money collected from Dubai, is believed to have been offered by the diplomat who is seeking the destabilization of the country, in reaction to the continued incarceration of the leader of Shiites, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky”.
The source claimed that some of the coordinators swore to pull out of the planned revolution. A certain Kunle Omoshola, who claimed to be the coordinator in Ogun State, said the initial plan was for the money to be distributed to the various state coordinators, one week before the protest. And yet Sowore seemed reluctant to release the funds to aid the mobilization process.

“I may not participate in the so-called revolution protest anymore. Some of the organizers have commercialized the exercise. They collected money and are still holding tight to it. That is not how things work. That was how “Our Mumu Don Do” group collapsed. Charly Boy betrayed Adeyanju by collecting money from the same government they were meant to be fighting. If Sowore fails to release the money, he should go to the street alone. Let Moses Andrew and the other selfish and hungry sell-outs follow him.”

The issue of money caused so much agitation amongst Sowore’s associates, and according to investigations conducted by Vigil 360, there was a recent meeting between Sowore and some Nigerian opposition politicians, and Shiite leaders from Iran, in Dubai.

According to Vigil 360, $30Million Dollars was set aside to mobilize Nigerians in the twelve states, of Lagos, Ogun, Enugu, Abia, Rivers, Edo, Anambra, Kano, Kaduna, Benue, Adamawa and Abuja, to come out and protest on 5th August 2019.

The attendees of the Dubai meeting, expected that at least a Billion Naira will be shared among activists in each of the states, for the initial protest. Only for Sowore, to start playing with their intelligence as the protest date drew nearer. They claimed he did not release sufficient funds for mobilization in the states.

Could it be some of the aggrieved members that tipped off the DSS as to Sowore’s location?

As if such allegation of misappropriation of funds levelled against Sowore was not enough, another story was forwarded through WhatsApp, by an unnamed person, who was obviously having a discussion with one Ago, who seemed to have been an undergraduate of Unilag, during Sowore’s days in the same institution. Find below the message.

“Ayo you be Akokite now. You ought to know him better. Cultists made him President of the Union and he stabbed them in the back by declaring war on them. He switched sides and they paid him back by injecting him with Lead .
That was his ticket to fame and for seeking asylum in America. That coincided with the MKO struggle as well .
I went back for my Masters 91-92 and I was a ringside spectator. I had and still have friends who were instrumental in his becoming Students Union President.

My room then was their meeting point . Won’t mention names now cos they are all big boys all doing well .
He can’t sit with those guys on Channels and call himself a revolutionary. Sango will strike his mouth.

Part of Nigeria’s problem is that we don’t document stuff in writing. How can Sowore be a revolutionary!!!
Just go and sit down with Olu 70, who retired as the school Registrar to find out the kind of person he is. So if stories of him sharing money circulates; well that is consistent with his innate character even if they are not true.

Why and what transpired between him and Kanu in London or USA when they met. Is it a case of like birds???
Kanu is a known mercenary claiming to be a revolutionary too. What did Kanu pitch to him. I will love to have details of that meeting.

It’s unfortunate that the people destabilizing Nigeria are the disgruntled politicians, who lost out of the money booty called Aso Rock . The intelligence services needs to be more patriotic and proactive in forestalling all this kind of moves . It will be heresy if the DSS has no one embedded in the decision making apparatus of this people.

They are being reactive and not proactive if that is the case. This are cases that ought to have been uncovered even before he gets to Nigeria to start mobilizing. The narrative would have been different.

Has anyone on this platform ever wondered why Atiku’s University located in the hotbed of Boko Haram has never been attacked ????.
Yet UniMaid has been attacked severally !!!
Giwa Barracks was rolled over by the militants and yet American University is a no go area for Shekau!!! Who is protecting the place?? Who is being paid to protect the place??

How is the money being funneled to the protectors, who to all intent and purpose is not the Nigerian Military!!!
You had better all face your hustle and leave Nigeria alone. The more you think about Nigeria , the less you know.

Beats educational logic right!!
Off to hustle for my daily bread”

What do you think of this story?

Could these allegations against Sowore be true?

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