Khafi kareem of Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem 2019, a Metropolitan police officer in UK, may be on the verge of losing her job for appearing on the Big Brother show despite being refused permission by her bosses. According to The Sun UK, Scotland Yard said it had not granted Khafi’s request to appear on the programme and that an internal investigation would be carried out.

Khafi Kareem & Ekpata Gedoni

The 29 year-old joined the BBN show, where she has had sex 3 times with fellow contestant 31 year-old Ekpata Gedoni. Their romance has viewers of the show talking and one of her colleagues in UK was quoted as saying “She’s a serving British police officer, its outrageous. She asked permission to go on the show but when her request was refused, she went anyway. Other officers working with her are furious that she can just disobey orders and tarnish the reputation of the force”. A spokesman said, “the Met does not support officer’s appearance, nor does she represent the Met whilst appearing on the show. Any officer found to have breached police standards of professional behaviour could face misconduct proceedings”.

While many Nigerians have taken offence to the many times Khafi has had sex with Gedoni in the BBN house, a social media user @uchemaduagwu vented his displeasure on Instagram with this message

“if an Ashawo will not have SEX in public, why do we support Khafi and Gedoni BBNaija 2019 sex? #Nigeria is morally WEAK for accepting #Khafi SEX in #BBnaija if the UK #MET police frown at it. Even the commercial sex workers on Allen Avenue will never have SEX with their customer in public, so why do we celebrate this rubbish? Honestly celebrities in Nigeria have failed the YOUNG people in #Naija morally for not asking for a ban on sex in #BBnaija2019. Our social activism is only against #Buhari, not to prevent nonsense and immorality. Imagine if the MET police in #UK frown at the shameless act by someone that is supposed to allegedly be a police officer, someone who should be morally upright, having sex on live #television, seriously? Just last week, I caught secondary #school FEMALE students In #Ikeja watching Khafi and Gedoni Sex #video on #YouTube with their #PHONE and they are just teenagers, OMG, dear parents, is this SEX on #BBNaija not affecting our children negatively in Nigeria?

Meanwhile, we are not sure that Gedoni for whom Khafi may lose her police job is actually worth that huge sacrifice. Gedoni treats Khafi with little or no respect, has made her cry a couple of times, and once referred to Khafi as “a sex addict who does not let him rest”, during a bare-it-all session.

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