Daura Emirate Residents Complain Of Poor Power Supply, Says They Only Enjoy Power When President Buhari Visits

It appears the power situation in the country is affecting those who are closer to the seat of power more than everyone else. Or what would you say to the complaints of the Daura Emirates, as the leaders from the five local government areas, under the emirate in Katsina State said that they only enjoy 24-hour supply of electricity when President Muhammadu Buhari is around. 

This complaint came when President Buhari visited Daura for the Sallah celebration, and when he was hosting the leaders they commended the president and begged him to address some issues plaguing the area, one of which is power supply.

Anytime the President is around we enjoy 24 hours power supply. But if he is not around, the power supply is not always stable,” Mohammed Saleh, one of the leaders, said. And Buhari responded that his desire is to improve the lives of Nigerians who elected him because they understand his mission.

“Truly, the people know and understand my mission. This is what the votes showed. This administration will dwell on our campaign issues, security, economy and corruption. We will fight for the poor,” he said.

Umar Farouq, Emir of Daura, speaking during the Sallah Durbar in his palace, also urged Nigerians to support the president overcome current challenges.

“I pray to the Almighty Allah to grant good health to Mr President, give him the courage to lead the country right. I commend him for his endurance and patience on the challenges he is facing. A leader must possess two qualities of endurance and patience, may Allah guide and protect him from all evils. I am calling on Nigerians to continue to pray to Allah to enable the president succeed in improving their living conditions and move the country forward.”

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