Treachery, Betrayal, Backstabbing & Scam, Trail The War Between TV Gal Mo Abudu & Yemisi Wada

That Popular media entrepreneur, Mo Abudu, and her former girlfriend Yemisi Wada are at war is not news, what is news is the reason behind their war. Their story reeks of betrayal, treachery, backstabbing and scam.

It was exclusively revealed by First Weekly, that the media personality has been lamenting about her loss and pains over the libel suit she instituted against Yemisi Wada, which was dismissed by a Lagos High Court on Friday, July 12.

Yemisi Wada who runs a reputable NGO, Havens Children that caters for the poor and physically challenged, had filed a report to the EFCC against Mo Abudu, who runs a media-based organisation, EbonyLife TV. Yemisi reported Mo for fraudulently missapropriating the funds generated through the ‘Benefit Concert’, which held in January 2009.

The EFCC invited Mo Abudu, quizzed her and detained her. Mo on her release from the EFCC detainment, filed a lawsuit against Yemisi, even after those close to her warned her from doing so. She was even reported to have boasted that she would reduce Yemisi to a nonentity for daring to expose her as a fraud. Abudu in her ‘libel’ suit, demanded for N200 Million damages over the “libellous” publication against her.

According to Justice Oyekan Abdullahi, who presided over the case, the publication in question made no claims that could constitute defamation; he further advised both plaintiff and accused to settle their differences as friends.

Yemisi Wada afterwards celebrated the outcome of the court proceedings on her social media handle. She insisted in her post that she had obtained victory for the children, who never benefited from the supposed shelter that was to be built for them by Mo Abudu, adding that she was delighted that the children lived to see someone stand up and fight for them.

She also emphasized that she and Mo Abudu were never friends. And also requested that the funds misappropriated by Abudu should be retrieved and invested in giving the destitute children a befitting shelter.

Mo Abudu replied via her Instagram handle where she lamented about being backstabbed, “It’s not every dog that barks in the market that you answer”, she wrote.

Information available to WakeUpAfrica360 revealed that Mo Abudu and Yemisi Wada were once best of friends until Abudu snatched a project ‘Benefit Concert’, which was owned and nurtured by Wada’s NGO. She hosted the concert to raise money to build shelter for the destitute in Lagos. The concert realized Millions in Naira, from private organisations and even the Lagos State Government, but no shelter was built, instead the money grew wings and disappeared under Abudu’s watch.

Mo Abudu our source claimed, refused to listen to advise of people who urged her to invest the money in the proposed project. And it was based on her utter disregard for accountability and integrity, that led Yemisi into filing a petition to the EFCC, to investigate the matter.

Another source claimed that Mo Abudu once had an affair with the controversial former Minister of Aviation, Mr. Femi Fani-Kayode, who was Yemisi’s ex-husband, this angered Yemisi who felt betrayed over the affair.

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