Festus Keyamo Clears The Air On His Picture With Nigerian Arrested By FBI

Festus Keyamo, Minister of State for Niger Delta Affairs, has reacted to a photo which has been trending for days, in which he posed with Jerry Ikogho, one of the Nigerians arrested for alleged cyber fraud by the FBI. Ikhogo’s name is third on the 77-man FBI list, Festus Keyamo, however, claimed he that him and Jerry Ikogho, are childhood friends.

Keyamo while reacting to the picture trend, confirmed to The Cable that he and Ikogho were born in Ughelli, Delta State, and grew together. He also stated that the picture was taken in 2011 at the burial of the father of one of the two other men who appeared in the picture.

His words: “He is my childhood friend. We were born in the same town (Ughelli). We attended same church from birth. His parents and mine, best of friends, till tomorrow. His siblings and mine too. Only left for the US about 10-12 years ago. Can’t deny him. It’s a family relationship from birth. He’s from a decent family. Hope they got their facts right. The wife has sent the charge to me. The authorities clearly stated that he may not have known of the fraudulent schemes, but he helped one or two of them to transfer funds illegally for a fee. And he didn’t declare excess money at the airport. Wish him well.

“In fact, that picture is even at the burial of the father of the guy on the far right about 8 years ago. The guy is in the same childhood group like all of us. Like wise the guy on the far left, a lawyer, who died at the National Hospital here in Abuja about 5 years ago.”

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