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Hate speech in Nigeria: The crime within?

From the onset, wars and other conflict have been caused by hate speech which can be seen as a radical statement centered against a person or a group of persons which can lead to tension and conflict. The major wars in history from the three Punic wars which the Roman Empire won, wars by the Athens Empire, Sparta, Persia, Wars

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Investment Opportunity in East Africa

The East African Region is one blessed with abundant resources and potentials ranging from agriculture, mining, energy and tourism with each providing investment opportunities. With a population of more than 130 million people, the region boasts of one of the largest single-bloc regional markets in Africa. In a bid to harness these potentials, the five partner states of the East

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Zamfara State House Of Assembly Abolishes Pension For Ex-Governors, Deputies, Speakers’ & Deputies

Activists, economists and even the Nigerian citizens have often argued that the cost of governance in the country was too high. The staggering amounts of money which is budgeted annually as recurrent expenditure is mind blowing and often raises controversies each time a new budget is presented to the NASS. It appears that things may change in the near future,

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The Tension over a Dam

Geopolitical issues is normal between countries around the world and Africa is having its own share of that over a number of countries. Ghana is battling the hot issues of bother closures which is stifling businesses and livelihood on both sides of the divide. This gets up close and personal too between some east African regions especially as Ethiopia is

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Refresh Rates in Smartphones

A common complaint amongst audible section of tech enthusiasts and its innovation in smartphones is dead. This basically implies that most phones essentially look and feelthe same. A quick glance at the smartphone market shows that there is ample evidence to support this point of view. Visually, you would find many smartphones with colorful gradient backs and notches on the

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Air Peace Boss Denies Alleged US $20M Fraud & Money Laundering Charges, Vows To Prove His Innocence….

Until Friday 22nd November 2019, he was the darling of the Nigerian people, especially for his philanthropic effort of bringing back stranded Nigerians in South Africa for free, through his airline Air Peace. But last Friday, the United States Department of Justice, announced that Allen Onyema, Chief Executive Officer of Air Peace, had been indicted for money laundering. They claimed

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Top 10 Richest States in Nigeria

With a population of over 180 million people, Nigeria is considered the largest country in Africa which through administrative division is made up of 36 states and the federal capital territory.  Each state partake in both the political, economic including legal decisions in the country and therefore contributes its quota when necessary. Below are the top 10 richest states in

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