Finally Nigerian Land Borders To Be Reopened On January 31, 2020

Nigerian =s would soon be relieved with recent news which filtered in on Sunday evening that the border closure may be over by 30th January 2020. According to the report, President Buhari has approved for the border closure to be extended till January due to its overwhelming success in combating crime and reducing struggling.

The information was passed through a circular from the Comptroller of Customs in charge of Enforcement, Victor David Dimka, and dated November 1, 2019 with number (NCS/ENF/ABJ/221/S.45). The circular, which was issued to sector coordinators, joint border operations drill, read,

“I am directed to inform you that it is observed that despite the overwhelming success of the operation, particularly the security and economic benefits to the nation, a few strategic objectives are yet to be achieved. Against this background, Mr President has approved the extension of the exercise to January 31,2020.

Consequently, you are requested to convey the development to all personnel for their awareness and guidance. Meanwhile, allowance for personnel sustenance and fuelling of vehicles for the period of extension will be paid as soon as possible.  This is for your information and necessary action, please.

It would be recalled that the exercise code-named operation ‘Exercise Swift Response’, started in September 2019 and resulted in joint border operations by a combined team of security agencies. However, neighboring countries to Nigeria has been putting pressure on the federal government to reopen the borders.

The Ghanaian government has sent a delegation to Nigeria twice, to discuss with the administration of Buhari over the border closure. Charles Owiredu, Ghana’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, made the plea when he met with Ambassador Zubairu Dada in charge of Foreign Affairs in Nigeria.

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