The Death of Elias Melka – The Death of Modern Ethiopian Music



It is true that the person who arguably brought the modern era of Ethiopian music has finally passed away!

This tragic news was heard and the entire Ethiopian music lovers were shocked. One reason is that they claim Elias Melka was the only one alive who single handedly brought a revolution in the Modern Ethiopian music industry.

Elias Melka was a veteran producer, composer and song writer. He made more than forty albums! Coming out of a religious background, Elias had a strong influence from spiritual songs. He has admitted this in his works and it was clearly seen from his works that he wrote words that reflect deep philosophical thoughts.



In one of his interviews (LINK: –, Elias said he always vowed to write words that triggers people to think about what they are doing and to do things in ‘God’s’ way. He believed the love to one’s country is expressed to the people who live around you and not on the landscapes and objects or boundaries. People should not be talking bad behind others, most importantly death is inevitable that it is the ultimate truth we should face so we should do good while being in our ‘short trip’ on this planet. It was his firm belief that relationships should be based on not on how someone looks or talks but because it will then be conditional love and that it is bound to fail.


Elias was long struggling with a fatal renal failure and diabetes and was away from the mainstream media. He was working on seventeen brand new albums and artists at the time of his death. He passed away at the age of 42.

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