Monthly Archives: November 2019

Innovations in Ghana that Could Change the Way We Do Things

The technology industry in Ghana has evolved overtime and is doing just fine. Many new businesses are coming up each day bringing with it dynamic innovations that will help ease the life of people. These innovation runs through the economy breaking through various sectors ranging from health, technology, service delivery, travel, App development etc. Below are various innovations that are

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Blow By Blow Account Of How The Kogi & Bayelsa Elections Went + Election Observers Call For Cancellation Of Kogi Elections Due To Violence, Deaths, Ballot Snatching & Other Irregularities

The elections in Kogi State have come and gone, but it is an election allegedly fraught with irregularities, violence and fraud. Opposition parties and even INEC electoral observers has called for a cancellation of the elections, especially with the incidences of missing INEC staff, deaths and all other alleged electoral malpractices. WakeUpAfrica brings you details of what transpired in Kogi

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