Innovations in Ghana that Could Change the Way We Do Things

The technology industry in Ghana has evolved overtime and is doing just fine. Many new businesses are coming up each day bringing with it dynamic innovations that will help ease the life of people. These innovation runs through the economy breaking through various sectors ranging from health, technology, service delivery, travel, App development etc. Below are various innovations that are useful to the society and is helping the country catch up with the digital transformation.

Yenkor Mobile

This innovation is helping transform the way individuals move from one place to another i.e. the way people commute and travel. This is made possible by the use of carpooling. Through this means, people get transported in a greener, cheaper, efficient and friendly way. With a certain agreed fees, passengers are taking to their various directions and locations and passengers; through the mobile App can book a ride also. Furthermore, the auction system is open to drivers most especially taxi drivers where they can bid for rides and equally post their destinations together with trading job gotten when they are busy from the Yenkor Mobile App.


This innovation is one among the numerous innovations currently making waves in the country. The mPedigree is a leader in the use of web and mobile technologies. These technologies are used in various ways like secure of products. This might be against diversion, faking of the products and counterfeiting of products.


This innovation takes care of the health sector in the country. It’s an innovation that seeks to make the health sector accessible to both the rich and the poor most especially the poor. It consist of Apps together with financial services that helps lower the cost of drugs for patients.

Pasco App

This App is targeted at students with most concentration on undergraduate in Universities, Polytechnics and College of Education. It provides scholars with access to past examination questions which will help them with their exam preparations. Being a current innovation, the App is only available on Knust Campus only.

Travel to Ghana

This innovation is targeted toward the tourism and Hospitality sector of the country. It is an App that makes it possible for mobile phones users to have access to all fantastic attractions and fancy destinations in Ghana, buy flight tickets, make hotel bookings, rent cars which will be used for movements during stay in Ghana and even order food from nearby restaurants. In summary, this is an innovation for tourist and expats coming into the country either on vacation or business trips.

Maptech Solutions

This innovation is being handled by MapTech Logistic Limited which is a Tech company founded and incorporated in the country and has its aim target on the development of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) based  Applications. These applications helps solve business problems which ranges from logistics to even include supply chain management

Asoriba App

This innovation involves an application that is centrally based on how to effectively and efficiently manage church affairs. Therefore, it can be seen as a web based church management application that can help church leaders in church administration and how to enforce good engagement with members. 

McAbe Solutions

This is an ICT firm situated in Accra, Ghana. Their services include IT services for start ups, companies, small and medium scale enterprises.  These enterprises usually should not have IT personnel due to its size and the amount of capital involved but with the involvement of the services of McAbe Solutions, the possibility of IT personnel for these small and medium enterprises is achievable.

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