The Tension over a Dam


Geopolitical issues is normal between countries around the world and Africa is having its own share of that over a number of countries. Ghana is battling the hot issues of bother closures which is stifling businesses and livelihood on both sides of the divide.

This gets up close and personal too between some east African regions especially as Ethiopia is embarking on building a world class infrastructure, for which some have argued may bring it at logger head with another African country in the northern part of Africa. The main topic here under contention is the Nile river delta.

Ethiopia, finally decided to build the biggest dam in Africa known as the Great Renaissance Dam. This may seem like one giant step forward for Ethiopia and its people, but on the other hand, it has brought controversies along with it.

Egypt which almost completely depends on the Nile river to survive has the obvious fear as it might reduce the amount of water that flows down to it. Which will inadvertently affect agriculture and fresh produce in the country.

Ethiopia on the other hand is not using the blessings of this river and of course is losing too many of its nutrients that goes along with the river. Some claim that Ethiopia asking to build a dam to make use of the river is a legitimate question while others claim that this has a direct effect on the Egyptians livelihood.

While other countries chose to stay somehow silent over the issue. For instance, Sudan is a stakeholder on the Nile river which rips the benefits coming from Nile. But is less reactive on the issue raised by the Egyptians.

The Sudanese are living the two countries to resolve their problems amongst themselves as it still has security issues to contend with.

There is no doubt that the decision by the Ethiopians to build a Dam will certainly affect the flow of water down to Egypt. However, The Ethiopian people needs infrastructure development, especially as Africa in general is still not providing enough electricity to its citizens.

It’s going to be a serious one to crack, but start with us as we update you on this issue going forward and hope the two countries can find a middle ground in resolving this issue between the two countries.

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