Love and life 1

Dean walked to my desk and when I saw the look on his face I knew he wanted me to do something. “What do you want this time?” I asked turning away from my table. He led me to his desk and asked me to fix an issue on his computer. Dean was so bad with computers it wasn’t funny. “So did Henry call you?” He asked. I shook my head. “Chale I don’t think he’s interested oh.” I replied getting up from his desk. Dean frowned. He was just about to talk when our boss walked into the office. I turned around immediately and went back to my desk.

Henry was the older brother of Dean’s girlfriend. I thought he was cute the day I met him and Dean gave him my number. That was a month ago. I hoped he would call judging by his wide smile when we met but after a week I just gave up. “Doris I have a new job for you.” my boss said and signalled for me to come to his office. I walked briskly behind him. He handed me a file and said it was a pharmacy advert I was to work on it with Dean. He made it clear that they were a big shot client and so I had to bring my sharpest ideas. I smiled and rushed to Dean’s desk. I’m a copywriter who loves her job and challenges excite me. My thoughts of Henry disappeared just like that.

Even though we were nowhere on our project Dean suggested we go to a coworkers wedding. I tried to play the workaholic card but he would have none of it. I finally agreed and we went. It was a beautiful wedding I must say and it really refreshed me. We sat on the same table with Sedem another lady from work. Half the time Dean was on his phone most likely chatting with his long distance girlfriend Adel. He always kept in touch with her and talked about her all the time. My buddy was smitten. It made hanging out with him so much easier because I knew there were definitely no strings attached. “Guess what?” Dean asked as I stuffed my face with a huge slice of wedding cake. “Henry said he lost your number. Adel just told me.” He added. I wiped my lips with a tissue. “That again? I thought I told you I was over him. Crushes don’t last remember?” I said. Dean just ignored me and kept on typing. Sedem was interested in the topic all of a sudden. Dean told her a very badly fabricated story of the day Henry and I met. I rolled my eyes and looked out for another person serving cake.

Just then a guy came out of no where and shook Dean’s hand. They laughed and joked for a while and he turned to me and shook mine too smiling so widely. “I didn’t know you were around.” He said to me. I stared at him not sure what to say. Then he continued. “You two are not matching colours this time?” then it hit me. He thought I was Adel. This wasn’t the first time. Before I could correct him Dean jumped in and did me the honours. The guy stared at me again and apologised. “Wow, this is..” He started but the phone in my pocket vibrated and I jumped to answer the call.

After talking to my boss over the phone I realised we had less time than we thought to finish the project. We had until Monday afternoon to come up with 10 scripts and Dean hadn’t even taken a look at the file. Even though I insisted we leave to do our work Dean still managed to let me stay. “We haven’t met with a representative from the company yet even.” I nagged. “Don’t worry. I’ll do that on Monday morning. Have I ever failed you before?” He asked. I shook my head. He was right. I looked around and took in the beautiful environment with my glass of champagne.

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