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Love and life 6

My words seemed to ignite Henry’s sadness. I wondered if I should change the subject. “That’s just how life is.” He said in a very low tone. “It’s not fair.” I said. I could feel his pain. “I honestly don’t blame you for not liking me because I look like Adel.” I said. Then Henry giggled. “Where is this one

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Growth of Small and Medium scale businesses in Uganda

The last thirty years have seen Africa change from an economically backward continent to being the world’s most exciting economic frontier. By 2035 the number of Africans joining the work age population will surpass the rest of the world combined according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). At the moment, Africa is offering hope to more than 200 million youth

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Top 9 what to do after NYSC

It is the dawn of a new phase: NYSC is over, next level awaits you. How is it like in the job market, the labour market awaits, among millions graduated, who will be fetched, whom will it favour? Who will lead us face to face to the advanced world beckoning on us? Yes, many people gets scared as their passing

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Agro-based Investment opportunities in Uganda

The Minister for Agriculture and Land Affairs, Mr Derek Hanekom, recently led a trade and technical mission to Uganda. Uganda has abundant agricultural resources and offers many opportunities for investment in agricultural production and agro-processing, as well as for trade in agricultural inputs and products. Uganda became independent in 1962. However, mismanagement by General Idi Amin during 1970 to 1980

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The forgotten groundnut pyramid of Northern Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the main producers of groundnut. It produces 41% of the total groundnut production in West Africa. The groundnut pyramids used to be noticeable in city of Kano State (Northern Nigeria) and proudly pointed out to visitors. The huge piles of sacks of groundnut that tapered to a point higher than most of the buildings, were a

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Man inhumanity to man

Churches doing more damage in black Africa than the politicians! This is got to stop in Africa, how can these men be allowed to continue using religion, to enslave the population in this continent just because Africa lacks good governance. There is an urgent need for a radical change, to fight for the emancipation of these spiritual manipulation all around

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The bomb shell letter

The visit that gave the Buhari regime no alternative but to Instruct the DSS to release those under its custody illegally and against court orders! Under this regime, Nigeria has attained the world capital of poverty. Under his watch lawlessness has become the order of the day. Under his watch insecurity has become a norm and killings by law enforcement

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Love and life 5

That weekend I stayed indoors. I wanted to have some me time. I would admit that I missed having a boyfriend to share things with but because Dean was always available I never felt it until Adel came. My phone rung and I couldn’t believe who it was. It was Henry. I stared at the phone and contemplated answering it.

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Effect of Border closure in the Nigeria-Ghana relationship

Nigeria to some extent closed border with Benin to avoid smuggling of rice. But despite the fact that the Nigerian authorities has made it clear to the Ghanaians that the Ghanaians were not the reason for closing the border, but to reduce the amount of illegalities going on in the country between Nigeria and Benin border. Ghanaian business has been

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