Police VS IPOB; “We Will Arrest Kanu If He Comes Home” Police. “You Can’t Stop Our Leader From Coming Home” IPOB

Nnamdi Kanu’s mother died few months ago and there has been some controversies surrounding the burial of his mother. There have been speculations as to whether the proponent and acclaimed leader of the IPOB, would come back to Nigeria for the burial or not. The burial is slated for December 2019, in Umuahia, and the Commissioner of Police in Abia State, Ene Okon, has issued a warning to Kanu, saying he would be be arrested by the police if he comes for the burial.

Abia State CP Ene Okon, said clearly that police would not spare Kanu if he sets foot in Abia, because he was a wanted man. He also warned that police would also arrest any IPOB member who identifies himself as belonging to the pro Biafra group during the burial.

“Well, if members of IPOB are speculating that their leader would come home, the police do not know that one. What I know is that Nnmadi Kanu jumped bail and escaped and is wanted and remains a wanted man. Until that time, but I couldn’t tell you about police action on anything that is speculation, until he comes. If he comes back and submits himself to the police, police will know what to do at that time. Like I said earlier, we do not deal on speculation, but if he comes back, then we will know what to do. If he submits himself, we have to take him before the court, but where he fails to submit himself to the police if he comes back, he is a wanted man and the law on somebody that is wanted is clear. Even you as a private person or civilian can arrest a wanted man and hand him over to the police. Then what will police do? If someone is wanted and police sees that person, definitely he will be arrested by the police and handed over to the court. Did he jump bail or not? He had a case in court, he was granted bail, and he jumped bail. So, when somebody jumps bail, what do you call that one? If he claims he did not do anything, he that will be an illusion, living in the inclination of the grandeur. The fact remains that he jumped bail and escaped; and he is wanted, he is wanted. So, that is the position. The court will decide and not the police. But the fact remains that once any person is declared wanted, wherever the police see him in any corner of Nigeria, the person will be arrested. That has to do with international law and a lot of things are involved that require going through Interpol. Some people believe Nigeria police is acting as local lords in this matter. Why has it not initiated that move for Interpol to get the IPOB leader arrested? That’s a question I cannot answer, there is international dimension to it. The Federal Government has to come in here. You know Nigeria is a member of Interpol, a member of international organizations that have treaties; it has to go through these treaties, conventions and all that. You can’t just jump over some of these things and you say you want to arrest somebody, no, there are procedures. We are in a country that has treaties with other countries, we need a whole lot of laws and all that and you have to go through all those procedures, it’s not a day’s job.” Okon said.

However, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has dared the Nigerian Police over the warning through a press statement issued by its Media and Publicity Secretary, Comrade Emma Powerful. They reassured their members that nobody can stop Kanu from attending his mother’s funeral.

The IPOB spokesman described the warning by the police as an empty threat which holds no water, and one which had the capacity of making the group more defiant.

Powerful stated: “An inconsequential and roundly incompetent local police operative blabbing away from a poorly maintained office in a dilapidated building in Umuahia, is not worthy of an intelligent response from the great IPOB. However, it is important we inform the Fulani masters of this Okon, that Biafra is resonating all over the world today, thanks to IPOB. All the years of threats and brutal crackdowns have all resulted in making IPOB more defiant, determined and ruthless in our pursuit of the noble goal of Biafra liberation.”

He also accused Abia State governor, Okezie Ikpeazu and Ohanaeze Ndigbo, of conspiracy and treachery and said they could not stop IPOB, “How much less an unknown Fulani boy-boy in police uniform in Umuahia. It seems this caliphate servant in police uniform named CP Okon wants to use the name of our most revered leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, to be noticed as the slave he is in order to advance his career. Let him be reminded that there have been other bosses in Abia before him, who failed in their bid to stop IPOB. The same way they sunk into oblivion is the same way this talkative will be quickly consigned to the scrapheap of used and discarded unthinking caliphate servants from the South,”

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