love and life 2

Monday morning Dean and I got to work very early. I gave him the file to read while I finished up on a script I had written the night before. “Heh for real?!” He shouted. I turned and looked at him confused. I rushed to him and asked if there was a problem. He shook his head. “You know what? Let me stay and finish up the scripts while you go speak with them.” He said and quickly turned over to his computer without even bothering to listen to what I had to say. I complained a little and just left when he didn’t badge.

When I got to the client’s office I was asked to wait. It was one of the biggest pharmacies in Ghana. “Hello, Mr. Brock will see you now.” The Secretary said. I smiled and walked into his office. It was a very big office with very beautiful decor. I wondered if I was going to meet Lestor Brock himself, the CEO. I noticed the man sitting at the desk didn’t have grey hair. As I got closer I noticed he looked familiar. “Henry?” I asked. He looked up at me, clearly surprised. “Hi, what are you doing here?” He asked, taking off his glasses.

“Henry?” I asked. He looked up at me, clearly surprised. “Hi, what are you doing here?” He asked, taking off his glasses. He signalled for me to have a seat and I told him my mission. I realised now why Dean conveniently wanted me to come instead of him. He must have known. Henry answered all my questions sharply. It almost felt like he was in a hurry for me to leave. I told myself he was doing that because I told him my time was limited. I left immediately I got what I needed ignoring the temptation to take his number, for work purposes of cause.

After we presented our documented ideas to the boss Dean and I came back to our desks. We were so late we hadn’t talked about Henry yet. Dean brought him up the minute I sat down. I told him in all honesty that if there was any proof that he wasn’t interested in me it was our meeting. Dean shrugged and ended his probing by saying I was exaggerating. When he grabbed his phone I knew he was going to give his girlfriend the report. I couldn’t wait till the next day when she finally arrived so I could tell her how annoying her boyfriend was.

I noticed as my taxi pulled over in front of a really big restaurant that I was probably under dressed. Looking at the type of cars around my black trousers and blue sleeveless top may not have been very appropriate. I remembered I had a necklace in my bag and put it on to add some style to my plain look. I got out carefully in order not to damage the cake I was holding. Dean tasked me with delivering the cake he had ordered for Adel at her welcome dinner. She had finally come back!

I rushed into the restaurant after paying the taxi driver. Dean had called me a thousand times because I was late. He said Adel was a bit jet lagged so he didn’t want her staying up so late. I smiled when I saw Dean waving at me. He and about 5 other people where sitting at one table. I walked to them and put the cake on the table with a smile. “Everybody this is Doris, my coworker who loves being late.” Dean teased and I heard some giggles. “Finally I get to meet Doris.” I heard a familiar female voice say. I knew it was Adel. I turned to look at her and froze. I thought I was looking in a mirror. She looked just like me!

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