Should this be happening in 21 century Nigeria?

Reports reaching wakeupafrica360.com from our sources in Nigeria which was being as it was unfolding in the southeast of the country. a town called Oraifite in Ekwusigo LGA in Anambra state of Nigeria. Between the Nigerian law enforcement joint action. In the resident of a well-known barrister and the lawyer for the Indigenous people of Biafra. We have put together what happened from Mr Ejiofor himself and the questions that every Nigerian should be asking about this unjustifiable action of the security Agencies

Barrister Ejiofor’s, personal peraccount

Barrister Ejiorfor recounting the incidents that prior to the joint action of the Nigerian police and the army invading his country home, killing many and burning down his home. He narrated his ordeal and cried out to his colleagues in the legal profession both in Nigeria and internationally to raise their voice to the impunity and lawlessness that has led to the killings of innocent citizens in his compound and surroundings. By the security Agencies.

He called on the US, UK and amnesty international to raise alarm to the plot which he believes is targeted to “kill him because he is representing the Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) who are only exercising their fundamental human rights”. He also drew attention to an individual businessperson that hails from his community but is based in the north. Whom he believes according to his account is being used by the “Hausa Fulani “to target his life”. According to him, it’s for the simple reason that he is defending the said group, as a lawyer. see the video below

unconfirmed Amature video

How can the police attend an address, set the house on fire, shut people without going through a court process? Especially if you have not even arrested the individual you alleged to have received a “COMPLAIN “about. The police at the point of their action, have no evidence to prove, whether the allegation is true, neither have they arrested the accused, taking him to a court of competent jurisdiction and found him guilty!

Even if all that have been done and the accused is found guilty to have done wrong, committed a crime against any individual or the state. what is the basis upon which the Nigerian police should attend his premises, kill residents and set the compound ablaze? it must be said that what is happening in Nigeria under the current administration calls for international attention and intervention! when a government under alleged democratic governance engages in abuse of power and under mining the rights of its citizens, then such should raise questions and concern to an average citizens.

Nigerians must stand together and condemn the action of the police, because injustice against one should be injustice against all. If Nigerians chooses not to raise their voices to condemn this barbaric action of the law enforcement agencies, they will have themselves to blame. because if the police and the army continue to get away with this level of impunity and injustices. Then, it could be anyone’s turn next.


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